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I got my first U-Line Controlled airplane at 4 years of age. The gas engine Plastic Fighter made almost one complete circle before hitting the ground under the control of an "Adult". I have built many balsa Models over the decades. RC came on late in life but has been great fun. I have built many quad -copters and played with autonomous controlling of a ground vehicle. Still learning as much as I can to catch up. I am fascinated with the new building materials and still learning to build with them. FPV is still getting figured out slowly.
I am a "Third Culture Kid" who grew up all over the world wherever my father was stationed. I lived in Ankara, Turkey; Adana, Turkey - Saigon, Viet Nam - La Paz, Bolivia - Guatemala City, Guatemala - Bogota, Colombia and Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I returned to the U.S. as a teenager and started models again this time in the form of large Estes Model Rockets. My first foray into RC with a three channel Cox "Cessna 172" that ended up 50' off the ground in a tree. Now I am now "Older and Wiser" (so they keep telling me) I tried several varieties of flying machines but still have a love for aircraft. I am a licensed Pilot and have my license. Model Aircraft is a new challenge with your new foam boards. The possibilities are virtually unlimited with the hi-tech flight controllers and other technologies.

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