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All forms of model aviation, motorcycles, muscle cars, sailboats, fitness training, metal and woodworking, etc.
My dad started in model aviation in 1939 when he was helping his older brother fly a c/l model he built over the previous winter. My uncle John had my dad grab the handle and hold the lines up out of the snow while he tried to get the finicky engine started. Suddenly, the engine finally came to life which startled my uncle and he let the plane go! My dad, being at the other end, made his first model flight. Dad has just turned 86 and still active with the local stunt club. You might say that model aviation has been a big part of my entire life. I don't remember when I really started! I started in R/C in 1966 with a beat up VK Cherokee and a used Orbit radio on AM. I built many Lou Andrews designs including the Sportmaster, Trainermaster, A-Ray, and S-Ray. I also built Carl Goldberg kits, Top flight kits, etc. Today I am flying a 30% scale Stauacher 300GS with a 3W 78 twin gas, as well as a Supersportster 60, and various electrics including an FT-22! Doug Cook

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