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I first got into the hobby from the desire to film video from the sky. I really wanted to zoom over the professional wakeboarders that I was already filming from the boat and from land, and film them from the air. This was very challenging 12 years ago. It is still a challenge today, but, technology is making it much easier. Rules get in the way, though, as we are finding out with the FAA all up in our bis. I started watching RC Explorer videos, and tried to build a tricopter. I did a great job on it, and never really crashed it that bad, but, I was not a good enough pilot to fly over, and chase the boat, yet. I really enjoyed his videos, and kept searching for more to watch. I came across FliteTest, and was only interested in their multi-rotor videos, at first. Josh and Josh were so entertaining to watch, that I couldn't get enough of them, and, even though I wasn't into planes, I was really into building stuff. All kinds of stuff. So, naturally, they got me hooked on planes, and, to this day, I can't wait for their new "stuff" to come out, so I can build it. After building about 30 of their planes by hand, from scratch, I knew I needed to invest in a laser. I got one shipped over from china in a giant box, and it was on. (getting it here, that's a whole other story) I got the fever so bad, that I can't even wait for their planes, anymore. I have built them all about 5-10 times each, and started designing my own planes. I really gained a passion for designing, lately. I have designed about 6 planes, and one mini quad frame, so far. There will be many more to come. I hope you guys build them, and enjoy them. Check out my website letsflyrc.com

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