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Rc planes and video production in high quality.
The director wich produces Youtube videos with his own "Production Company" called Simandreal, is just about 16 years old and his work is just amazing, he wants to be a pilot and he flew real props aircrafts, wich we found particulary great for this show. And the other guy is 70 years old and he has been doing rc plane stuff for 40 years and he knows all about this kind of Stuff. We went to the EAA, wich is a very famous acrobatic airshow in Argentina and there we grow up a lot, becauese there was an RC section and all the people were stunning at us. We were also in Germany a lot of times because we have some of production group there. And we also buy there a lot of planes for our reviews. We wen't to JetPower 2012... I think thats something about us...

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