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love making scratch builds, nothing special, and unfortunately I am a park pilot, it isn't too bad considering there is a park right behind my house, only good for the minis though.
So one day a box arrives and it is for me, little did I know that it was the future to my love model airplanes. Before only a few weeks before I had tried to fly a little airplane called the vapor, I tried to fly but it was impossible, like many times before I had failed at trying to fly an airplane. so this box that was sent for me had a trainer inside, I thought to myself, " I am not even going to try to fly this thing" then my dad took me on a secret trip with the plane to a field thinking that I was just going to drive my rc car. my dad pulled the plane out and told me to fly, I was nervous thinking it would end up like before, in the ground or in someone's backyard. I threw it up and throttled up the motor and to my surprise... I was flying it I had tried 2 ch airplanes before only for them do crash or drift off. After that I had pursued this love for model aircraft, that day was weird for me because only weeks before I had a really hard time with 2 ch trainers I flew that trainer with my dad by my side that day like I was in the hobby for years! I will never understand how I flew that day.

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