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I'm fifty-ish but most consider me an "old-teenager"! Three kids, two boys grown and serving in the Army, one girl just hitting her teen years. Married for 17 years ( second marriage) My Dad was a pilot, built many balsa RC models, owned a hobby shop. Built one of the first ultra light airplanes offered as a plans build. I was number 5 of 6 kids, so I observed, but did not get to help much. I did 62 hrs of training for my pilot ticket, but never got it. I have been flying Ultra Light aircraft for the past 12 years. I got into RC flying/building about two years ago. Then came quads, and racing, then Drones and FPV flight. Love it all! I own at least 12 different types of quad copters, have built at least 10 different FT models and just started flying my Mavic DJI and love its capabilities! My greatest love ( flight wise) is gyroplanes! I am building two right now, and have sold two others ( one I built) gyro planes are the " crotch-rocket" of all flying machines! The ease of building, the ease of storage and transport make them the most fun to own and fly! I still have my 1982 built flight-star ultralight airplane, but would much rather fly the gyro plane!! My dream machine would be to own and fly the PAL-V car/gyro, but at a price of 400K I probably will never live that dream! Might build one of my own some day!!

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