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Jan 24, 2013
Software Engineer
rc, electronics, photography and sailing
I'm an independent full time software engineer. So most of my time I'm working on software solutions for financial companies. And I love it! I did study photography before but never worked out a business with these skills. I used to organize workshops and a long, long time ago I followed local musicians (my dark ages, well I saw some dark places at least). Anyway I kept organizing workshops, only the subjects changed from Photography to more job related topics. Soon I was giving workshops about Android and then about using Android together with Arduino. Arduino and electronics in general was a completely new interest for me. I've always envied people who know so much about electronics. Putting a resistor here and some diodes there. Pure magic for me. That got me into robotics. Controlling all kind of robots with my smartphone and exploring the basics of Artificial Intelligence. I had some jobs in the past related to AI (and I'd love to have some more but they don't use much AI in the financial sector). Finally we get to RC. The robotics is what got me into RC again. I used to play with RC as a kid. Around the age of 12 I had a glow powered trainer that I tried to fly several times. Without success though. My mistake was not to look for an experienced flyer to help me. 16 years later I picked up that balsa trainer again, replaced the motor with a cheap brushless and put it aside. I made a cheap foamy (blu baby 33") and learned to fly with these (after many repairs and rebuilds that is). Once I got the hang of it I took that trainer and flew it like I've done nothing else since the age of 12. That gives you some idea of who I am and what I love doing. I like the fact that I don't have to take the electronics/rc/robotics too serious as long as I'm on nobodies payroll for that. The Software however is serious shit.

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