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I have always loved RC from as long as I can remember but was never able to get any. Now that I'm older they are readily available everywhere. I have become obsessed with this hobby. I don't have much as some but more than others, both knowledge and heli's. I am 36 years of age and play a wicked guitar. My woman is sick of hearing, heli this.. heli that... But I just love this hobby. I've come a long way from my first heli, bought at a local gas station. It was only 3ch little Syma thing. Not too bad, little fun, thought to my self, I want more and better. So now my small fleet consists of Syma 3.5 SG. Double Horse 9116 w/ Extreme 180 main, n90 tail motors, Gens Ace 800mah batteries. Ive crashed that thing so many times! lol A mCP X , just absolutly love this little bird.Lie Bro Airwolf, But the cherry on top (for now) Just build my first (GONNA BUILD MORE &BIGGER) T-Rex 450 clone. Of course its a HK450 GT. Im both in love and intimidated. I Don't want to go on forever, just wanted to tell a bit about myself. Now that I have my 9xr and and somewhat secure in the operation of it I will only add more to my fleet. Many builds to come. Already have plans to build the "Baby Blender" and have a few other planes in my wishlist at HK. And would you know one of them is the Bixler 2. So I will continue to love this hobby. As it grows, so will I along with it. And I will also continue to watch Flitetest, Great job guys, Josh always is informative and Josh is always making me laugh my ass off! Great Show GUYS! Oh yes Congrats on Dave coming back and being a permanent fixture in an already great show. My favorite Swede as well!

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