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Aerospace Research Engineer
RC Airplanes, electronics, Arduino, snowboarding, high-speed ripstiking, waterskiing. mostly RC airplanes and Arduino....:). See my website here:
[] [] I'm an aerospace research engineer. I have a background in Aeronautical engineering, and now regularly use embedded programming/Arduino to solve many engineering challenges. I enjoy putting electrical engineering, microcontrollers, and control algorithms together to solve tough problems. Here's one example, for instance: a self-flying indoor quadcopter. It is using an Ardupilot for inner-loop stabilization, an Arduino nano and PIC microcontroller to communicate with an RC Tx (Turnigy 9XR) through the trainer ports, and a custom MATLAB program I wrote to do the outer-loop controls and navigation of the it flies itself with custom code that I wrote! :) The Ardupilot is simply in "stabilize" mode, as if a regular RC pilot were flying it! To see it in action, copy and paste this link to a preliminary YouTube video demonstrating an early flight test here:

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