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amateur rc aircraft enthusiast, amateur gunsmithing, DIY fully enclosed cabin scooters (2 steering wheels in front, one drive wheel in rear). These type vehicles are still considered motorcycles and perform fairly well while getting very good mileage! Another major draw is because as motorcycles, these type vehicles are fairly free from all the red tape that cars have! Examples can be seen at Yahoo group cabinscooters" & you are welcome to join! Almost forgot, as of about a year ago I passed my short wave radio test and now have a call sign KG7PPG! Most of my grown kids also have their SW license as well!
Born and raised in Oregon and moved after high school, first to southern California area then Kingman Ariz. There I met and married my wife and best friend Janice (married 48 years and counting) Spent over 10 years on the road, installing central telephone office equipment as a factory rep for Northern Telecom. One year we did some work in Hood River, Oregon and when finished, the local telecom offered me a good paying job if I stayed. We had two pre-schoolers by then so decided to take them up on the offer. That telecom was bought out by Sprint and I ended up retiring from Sprint after almost 30 years of employment. By then we had raised 4 beautiful kids who are now parents themselves. Jan & I are grandma & grandpa to 7 grandkids and counting!! Now days I try to relax as much as I can & enjoy family outings, birthdays, holidays, building & flying RC aircraft. We are indeed blessed!

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