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Inexpensive scratch-built airplanes, Youth mission work trips, Boating, Woodworking
After dabbling in and out of RC since the 70's and never having much of a budget and even less success. I got inspired, first by RC Powers' videos, and then Flite Test, to give it a serious go. After buying my son a Wild Hawk to spread out the blame for the hobby bills with my CFO, I bought myself a DX6i and started scratch building. I started with a profile F22 which actually flew great until the repairs packed on too much weight. I built a couple CNE type planes, then a RC Powers F22 V2 (great plane, rebuilding for my next plane), a funky original bent delta I call Bleen (up to V3), a Frankenstein high wing trainer type DTF partial profile that used an old EPO foam Wing from a Cessna 172 that never flew, and my latest plane is a FT Spitfire that looks awesome (just say'n)[

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