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  Note: Flite Test Multirotor Labs is a service designed to BUILD, UPGRADE or REPAIR your multirotor. At this time, there are no plans to offer this service for RC fixed wing aircraft.

  No typical repair or build LABOR cost will be over $99.  If a multirotor is not considered typical this will be communicated prior to sending the unit in for work.

  Let us know what you hope to get out of your Multirotor Labs experience whether it’s a build, upgrade or what you think needs repaired. 

  If you require a complete build and provide all parts the cost will be $99 labor plus shipping.  We can also provide any parts or upgrades at cost without increasing the cost of Labor.

  Repairs will need to be diagnosed and an estimate provided prior to any work being started.  Once we receive your multirotor we will diagnose the problem and provide an estimate, including any parts that need to be replaced.  This is only an estimate and can change.  However, if any major changes are realized you will be notified before any work proceeds.

  Once you approve your estimate, we will complete the needed build, upgrade or repairs and send your equipment back as soon as possible.  You will be kept up to date on the status of your repair, upgrade or build through this site.

  To best assist in the set-up of your multirotor we may ask you to send in your transmitter for us to get your model configured correctly.  If this is not possible we will provide assistance once you receive your multirotor to ensure a smooth transition if needed. 

  If you do not agree to the estimate and wish to have your equipment sent back to you without being built or fixed, a $25.00 diagnostic fee plus shipping will be charged.  Once this is paid your equipment will be packaged and sent back to you in the condition it was received.

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