036 FTAH: The Liberty Foundation w/Adam Drain

by FliteTest | July 30, 2014 | (11) Posted in Podcasts

Adam Drain from the liberty foundation sits in studio with Chris and shares his awesome B-17 stories Libertyfoundation.org.

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bobby41 on July 30, 2014
I started into the hobby like Adam, alone, only with FliteTest and the bixler 1.1. I too flew on flight simulator 2004 before getting into rc flying, but I wasn't that lucky the first flight because the receiver included with my dx6i turned off because it wasn't able to handle 9 gram servos and so my bixler went straight down into a small artificial lake and it was in the center of it.I went into that lake completely dressed. It wasn't the best thing to do in march. It was march and the whole week was raining. I waited two weeks to fly it and in a couple of seconds everything was gone. the esc was burnd down and i waited another two weeks for the new esc and new receiver.
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HilldaFlyer on July 31, 2014
I really enjoyed this podcast, listening to stories and very informative. Thanks for having Adam as a guest. I would encourage more of this style, even if it is a phone interview as a 15 - 20 minute section of the regular podcast agenda.
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PeterGregory on July 31, 2014
This was great! Interesting from start to finish. Great to mix in full-scale interests like this - great heritage and you did a great with tribute to our WWII flyers.
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Splatwillicrash on August 17, 2014
Wonderful what you are doing. Were you in Sacramento this year? I was just returning to town when a B-17 was leaving Mc Clellan AFB. Bummed I did not get a chance to ride. Next year....
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wittpilot on August 17, 2014
I know we had several stops in California earlier this year, but can't remember specifically. Could have been us!
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Zeb Ludlow on February 10, 2015
AWESOME!!! There needs to be more of these people, who are bringing back rare breeds of warbirds.
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036 FTAH: The Liberty Foundation w/Adam Drain