074 Burt Rutan

by FliteTest | May 9, 2015 | (7) Posted in Podcasts

Today we are joined on the podcast by Burt Rutan! 


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Burt Rutan is perhaps the most famous aerospace engineer in the world known for his many, many innovative designs that have marveled people for decades. He is known for dozens of designs including the Voyager which is an extremely efficient airplane designed to circle the planet without stopping or refueling.

Burt takes a moment to fill us in on his current all consuming project the SkiGull which he shares many details with us that have not been shared before. Burt is hoping to have his new design finished in time to fly to EAA Airventure Oshkosh and display the plane.

Perhaps Burt's most famous design, SpaceShipOne and it's mothership White Knight are now going to be released to the public through Rutan RC. We encourage you to support the Kickstarter like we did! 

Rutan RC Kickstarter

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Digital Wolf on May 9, 2015
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banditjacksRC on May 9, 2015
Oh man, I can't wait to listen to this one.. Downloading now!
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wrayman on May 10, 2015
My hat goes off to Burt .keep up the great job.
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dditzler on May 11, 2015
That was awesome! I've met Burt several times at Oshkosh and every time I can hear him speak I try to make it. That was great and really reflects every encounter I've had with him.

FYI - I am sending you guys an email to show you my favorite place to camp at EAA if you can make it this year. I know you have FliteFest right before that but EAA is something you guys need to go to IMO.
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dditzler on May 11, 2015
FYI - I sent a message through the sponsorship "opportunities form".
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Stingray Aviation on May 11, 2015
You guys should hold a contest to see who can predict what the SkiGull will look like. You could have people send in sketches of it and whoever turns out to be closest would get store credit or something like that.
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Corsair2014 on May 13, 2015
Why does this podcast have such a low rating?
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GluedFingers on May 15, 2015
I'm guessing, because Austin didn't record the RC part of the conversation. Doh.
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Captain Crash on May 17, 2015
hey guys do you mind if we cut down on interviews i miss regular podcasts to the point ftah is the only podcast i listen to from you guys
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rcwingman on May 17, 2015
for me, this was the most inspiring podcast ever.
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Spartan on May 21, 2015
I'm kinda with airborn on this one. The interviews are interesting but I think you guys should cut back on them a bit and go back to the old days.

Also, unfortunately I think this was easily the worst podcast you guys have done - just my opinion of course. Part of the reason is that Burt took forever to get to the point that he was trying to make but also the uncomfortable silences in there really stood out for me. It seemed like you guys were struggling to comment on what he was saying - you just replied with "awesome" all the time - and also didn't really pose many questions to him I thought.

Having said that, Burt was certainly interesting and I'm normally a big fan of both the regular FT and FT After Hours podcasts. I work in a remote area of Australia for a week at a time and can't wait to get back home each week to catch up on your show and podcasts.
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Captain Crash on June 5, 2015
guys please we want old content back
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HilldaFlyer on June 17, 2015
Loved the podcast. Makes me want to move back to Montana just so I can visit Coeur d'Alene often and maybe get a glimpse of Burt and SkiGull. Maybe I want to move back just so I have lots of room to fly. Anyway, I enjoyed Burt's story and listening to his rich experience.
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Davidsg33k on July 25, 2015
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| 4 parallel 4 series. provides the voltage and amps i need, each cell 30 amp peek output
same as tesla car!
i love these batteries, i build all my own packs. "never even used the standard packs"

if any one has any questions please ask, as i want to develop the use of this type of pack for general use.
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074 Burt Rutan