091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis

by FliteTest | October 25, 2015 | (9) Posted in Podcasts

Well we finally get Chad Kapper in the studio and find out whats going on,where he's been and and where he heading with ideas. Also he gives us some inside scoop from Rotor DR1. Joining us was Steele Davis who is one of the top FPV freestyle and race pilots from around the world. His story on how he got involved in RC and where it has taken him is is Epic.



Audio Link

 Rotor Riot on the FT forums

Rotor Riot on facebook

Steele Davis's YouTube Channel

One of the cool videos we talked about

another one of Mr. Davis vids

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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on October 25, 2015
Chad in the studio; Mike in the studio. Great to hear from Steele!
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FPVology on October 26, 2015
MR. STEELE! awesome podcast. bring him back Chris!!!
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Anon Pilot on October 26, 2015
Nothing for me here. Didn't want to give it a bad rating though. Fixed wings and flying please....? EDFs.... 90mm...?
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TimmyGT on October 26, 2015
Yea guys cmon, in the future can you please tailor the podcast more towards one listeners interests, we don't care about the other listeners....geez.
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Capt_Sigmar on October 26, 2015
I thought it was a very entertaining podcast, and I don't do multirotors yet, but I did enjoy hearing from Chad again, being one of the early Flite Test fans. I missed the old crew and the old days of Flite Test, with Chad and David, back when the day crew of Flite Test still did podcasts. I do really appreciate all of the After Hours crew, guests and the podcasts they continue to produce. Thanks guys!
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stonekap on October 27, 2015
Thanks for having us there Chris! You do a great job of hosting!
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FliteTest on October 28, 2015
Chad, Your welcome to come on anytime
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joker24458 on October 27, 2015
I thought it was a great podcast. Loved hearing what Mr. Steele had to say about FPV mini quads. Good job guys keep it up, especially right now with the ongoing absence of the normal podcast....wonder what's going on?
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bryuly on October 30, 2015
One of the best podcasts in a while. Great to hear all about what is going on with Chad and the background noises were comical! Keep up the great work FliteTest!
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etegration on October 31, 2015
hahaha DJI=the white drone that comes to your house that watch you change
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maximaal on November 4, 2015
Old world champion f3a f3p uses thumps
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091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis