094 FT Sportster, FT Corsair & Other News!

by FliteTest | November 17, 2015 | (5) Posted in Podcasts

Austin, Alex and Peter catch up on our project with USA TODAY, recent Flite Test developments, 360 cameras and take some voicemails!


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donnyb on November 17, 2015
You know the podcast is one of my favorite things on flitetest. Another thing I did notice no one seems concerned about the faa wanting all b quad rotors registered. I was wondering if you might bring on the president of the ama to talk about that?
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RustyBucket on November 17, 2015
Peter, perhaps the star wars circle plane:
Or perhaps a version of what I did with my kids:

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adamtoolanen on November 18, 2015
Where is the best place to post tech questions for the podcast?
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FliteTest on November 22, 2015
forum/all things podcasty/tech questions. or chris@flitetest.com
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Flyingninja on November 18, 2015
Yeah! I've been waiting for the Corsair for ever!!!
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bgreenrobot on December 3, 2015
You mean 'forever', right?

FYI; "for ever" does not make sense in your context.
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StatGSR on November 18, 2015
Love the idea of a Star Wars Episode, btw I think the V-wing, Snowspeeder and Naboo Starfighter would be pretty good candidates for planes that could actually fly. Cant wait to see what you guys come up with!
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sebatt on November 20, 2015
hahahahahah it was soooo long ago i posted that voicemail (i'm Sebastian), and i was just getting started in the hobby haha.
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OrangutangSurfer on November 23, 2015
How about a destroyer in reverse tri copter configuration using EDF's but can also transitions to forward flight. Maybe you can even mix the rear EDF's to work like elevons and it won't need any control surfaces. Could it work?
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094 FT Sportster, FT Corsair & Other News!