133 Epic Fails

by FliteTest | November 28, 2016 | (2 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts

FTAfterhours has a full studio and shared some of there recent flying adventures which include a few failures. We also tested the DJI Mavic pro thanks to our friend Justin who was brave enough to just had it over. listen in to see if it was everything we thought it was. Thanks for listening.

.direct download link

the video i put together with the early moring hiking

a few shots from the Tundra on floats

A few shots of the Mavic

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wanabeRCexpert on November 29, 2016
How come Flitetest never responses to comments?
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FliteTest on November 29, 2016
usually either Andre or I try to respond if its Afterhours related- Chris
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wanabeRCexpert on November 29, 2016
Great podcast,by the way!
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FliteTest on November 29, 2016
thank you...-Chris
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Anon Pilot on November 29, 2016
A better offering, I thought, than many other recent ones. Personally, I feel that we are hearing too much about drones that the average REAL modeller cannot afford: and that drones are not REAL, aerodynamic flying anyway. But... it was at least fairly balanced this time. Isn't the prime directive of Flite Test the idea of making the hobby accessible: particularly financially.
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andre on November 30, 2016
Yes, completely agree. It is a balancing game.

And no. The prime directive is not to interfere with the internal development of alien civilizations.
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mikeporterinmd on December 1, 2016
This is why I try to stay out of malls.
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