144 Taxiway swap shop

by FliteTest | February 26, 2017 | (2 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts

Chris,Mike and Andre have guests Pat and Scott to discuss there annual adventure to the swap shop. Andre fills us in on the actual flying of the 3Dlabprint Spitfire. We ended the show with Scott and Pat with their first FPV experience flying the Inductrix FPV. Thanks for listening.

.direct download link

Chris really had a hard time selling the Sport Cub

Andre finally got the 3Dlabprint Spitfire in the air

we all would like to see a new jet liner kind of like the old Eflite one

we all agree a a big RC version of a C130 like this would also be awesome

the Harrison Ford video we talked about


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TurtlesThatFly on February 27, 2017
I remember the eflite airliner! I saw it at a hobby shop in 2011
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jbiscopink on February 28, 2017
Really enjoyed the podcast guys. Keep it up!
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Anon Pilot on March 5, 2017
You comments about fixed-wing are spot on. I simply turn off when drones come up, sometimes I don't even start to listen. Only the AfterHours podcasts are even close to being worth listening to these days. Btw, 3D printed aeroplanes.... yrch ! Way back-when Bixler promised us a series on balsa building (liar): THAT would have been very interesting. I'd love to hear real conversations about HOW to fly; how setup affects aeroplane behaviour and performance; even the thought of bloody crash stories seem good to me these days, that's how depressed I have a gotten. As an example, I have been struggling with medium slow consecutive rolls and spins, for my UK BMFA B certificate and discovering the importance of CofG, rates, and, in some cases, the role of aileron-rudder mixes in acquiring axial behaviour for anything other than symmetrical airfoils. It would make me VERY happy if FliteTest or at least AfterHours would talk sense MORE of the time.
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