148 A F-18 in pink

by FliteTest | March 5, 2017 | (3 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts

Big show with FT Afterhours including Chris,Mike,Andre and David. This podcast was all over the place from Fire spewing drones,high performance wings to pink F-18's. Thanks for listening

.direct download link

The Liberty Foundation has a new B-17 and will be touring again

DJI Matrice 200

The fire spewing drone

The cardboard drone

The FMS F-18 V2 that Mike would like in Pink!

The video of all the Eflite Convergences flying together

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TurtlesThatFly on March 5, 2017
That's a lot of Convergences...
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josephandrew on March 8, 2017
great one guys
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