3Flite FPV | Adventure Intro Video

by 3FliteUK | August 27, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

If you a fan of 3Flite then you may have noticed a barrage of new FPV equipment. Now we aren't ones to miss out on a opportunity and thought ''well we've got our fans, the necessary FPV equipment and the chance to travel the country with our stuff'' SO WHY NOT SHOW YOU??

It's a new breed of episode in which will have compilations of aerial footage from across the country as well as the occasional abroad ''Adventure'' We think you will love it and it's a change to the normal line up of videos you'd expect!

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Shot of the Trade tents at the BMFA Nationals 2013





Christian Jeppesen on August 27, 2013
Nice video, not my music taste. But well edited :) good work.
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3FliteUK on August 27, 2013
Ah, It's very tricky to find a music taste for everyone friend but I will make sure the next few videos will be a range of music! Thanks for the feedback!
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3Flite FPV | Adventure Intro Video