Camera button switch

by Doctor3 | August 9, 2012 | (10) Posted in Projects

I really wanted to take high definition photo's and film using my multi rotor ( the H- copter ) so i decided to swap the FPV gear for a digital camera.

I mounted the camera easily ( and no it isnt anti vibration mounted but it seems OK for now , but if you have any ideas for mounts please post ), but set out to make a button press

My solution is very simple (argueably crude) .

The servo arm was dramatically shortened in order to provide a higher torque "push" . i could have used a larger servo but in order to access the power button a smaller (3.7g) servo was used.

The servo is plugged into the gear/ aux plug , which means no self levelling though (kk2 board used). By adjusting the Travel Adj settings it ensures the shortened servo arms presses the correct amount. 

I used tie-wraps as it allows for super easy adjustment before final tightening.

The results were very pleasing :)

Kit used -

3.7gram servo

10cm servo extension wire

Samsung St 66

Micro Sd card 8GB

Camera screw

Total cost around £85 (camera being 70 - nought from Jessops )

or $130 .  (mount costing £7 or $11)

Thanks from Eddie - Doctor3

please rate :)


casehatter on August 13, 2012
Good job and great pics. Have fun and show us more man..
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Doctor3 on August 16, 2012
thanks a lot ! :)
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Twisterr1000 on August 19, 2012
As you are doing the price in £ I guess you live in the U.K. ! anyway, do you know anywhere to get cheap fpv stuff or shall I just get it from hobbyking internatonial warehouse because I asked them if they were going to get any fpv stuff in the U.K. warehouse and they said no. :(
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Doctor3 on August 19, 2012
yepp i live in the UK ! woo :)
Urm yepp seeing as i dont feel inclined to be hobbyking biased anymore i found the best places was ebay and amazon.

Stand -

Camera -

Screen -

and various 3 cell lipos ( i would just go for cheap ones as no real current draw)

however the transmitter is up to you really. if you've got a 2.4ghz contoller then dont get a 2.4ghz fpv gear. ebay sells cheap and powerful stuff - depends on your price range. 900mhz , 1.2 ghz are way cheaper and more powerful longer range etc. but are "slightly " illegal
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Jeriah on August 10, 2012
cool way to take pictures!
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Doctor3 on August 11, 2012
Thanks ! :)
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FoamingInMI on August 10, 2012
Simple but effective. I used the same technique years ago on my first AP plane which was a 3 channel. Had the shutter servo on the rudder stick & just flicked my thumb to take a (usually bad) pic.
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mena142 on September 19, 2012
Yup :P...quite a crude implementation, but it works without having to modify the camera or anything. It'd be cool if you could also post some of the picture you've taken!
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Camera button switch