Fast TIP - How to.. - English Subtitles! - FliteTest Argentina Season 5

by flitetest_argentina | August 2, 2012 | (31) Posted in Tips

In today's fast tip, we will show you how to download planes legaly and fast...

Go to and then watch the video that has english subtitles! So pe attention to that and just enjoy it and fly.........

Remember, we are an HONORARY  partner of FliteTest and Stonekap Productions Ltd. Remember to check out our website: and check us in facebook by searching FliteTest Argentina or go to the officcial page:

Thanks for reading...


Willsonman on August 6, 2012
This is great. As a modeler over on the public forums for RealFlight this is probably THE number one topic that people seem to need help on. It gets tiresome to tell people to use the search function. Feel free to check out my planes. Under search on the swap pages enter my username and all of the stuff I have done or given a hand in doing will show up.
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flitetest_argentina on August 6, 2012
well thank you. And yes, i was searching for help and a friend told me how to do it and I sad hey....why not to make a video. This will help a lot! I will search your planes of corse...regards
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asimmetrico on August 3, 2012
Maybe the address is changed. I get error 404 Not Found

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flitetest_argentina on August 3, 2012
Hi, look at this:

I hope it will work. Regards from the FliteTest Argentina CREW
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Nonamerc on August 3, 2012
@flitetest_argentinia Why did you catorgised a video about downloading planes for simulators under FPV and scratchbuilds. People get the author status because the ft crew can 'trust' them to make good articles and that they are good titled and catorgized. The video is good and it was funny for me to see how good my spanish was. Pretty weird if you ask me...
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flitetest_argentina on August 3, 2012
Hi, I never knew that when you edit the article it goes to the items you tick. I will change it, so thanks for telling us. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and with your spanish, that's not a problem. I'm sure you speak better spanish than me english. Thanks for comment. Regards
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Fast TIP - How to.. - English Subtitles! - FliteTe...