Floor Warriors Race

by MESA RC | December 5, 2012 | (22) Posted in Just Fun

To the FliteTest Community:

Eps 18. "Warriors, come out and play"  The MESArcFF students have got bit by the Floor Warriors bug, everyone is making them now.  Here we had 3 students ready to go with their builds and wanted to race the teacher's warrior.  Watch the results, have fun, comment, subscribe, and keep on supporting the MESArcFF crew.

Floor Warrior Construction:
- 1 Foam Board
- 2212-6 Brushless Outrunner Motor
- 30 AMP ESC
- 1 Metal Gear Servo to Service 1 Rudder
- Control Horn and Rod
- 2 Clevis or equiv.
- Any TX/RX
- Decorative supplies
- A Buddy to Race
- Have Fun!

As always thanks for watching and supporting the MESArcFF Crew,
Jake Marshall

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MESArcFF Productions
Camera 1: Harrison
Camera 2: Nate
Warriors: Sam, Wyatt, Mitch, Marshall
Editing: Zac and Joey
Director: Marshall


dgrc on December 11, 2012
Tons of fun and lots of opportunity for creative problem-solving -- weight, size, power classes. Drag racing vs. handling courses, hazards like bumps and changes in surface texture, even water hazards. Keep posting the videos. It's fun to see the creative young minds at work, er, I meant play.
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Jake Wells on December 6, 2012
Fun stuff bro. Great job.
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MESA RC on December 8, 2012
Thanks Jake, we recently just had another one with 5 warriors going, it was crazy, borderline unsafe. LOL
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leadpipe58 on December 8, 2012
Great Job Teach.Keep them thinking.To the racers I have learned as much from a win as a fail.keep it up.Good work.
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ipetepete on December 7, 2012
This reminds me of slot car racing. Perhaps you are on to something here. I like the open ended inventive direction you've got these kids going. Awesome project. I kind of want to have a go at designing a "land air boat".
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MESA RC on December 8, 2012
Thank you for the comment, the kids are getting very creative right now, I like it.
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Noobi1951 on December 6, 2013
What you and the students are doing is great! I wish these types of things had been around when I was a kid ( control line, and freeflight back then). My Daughter is a junior high science teacher a few miles south of Loveland, and I keep showing her what you are doing. Hopping she will catch the bug, but her schedule is already crazy.
You are, as are all teachers who go the extra mile, to be commended.
A FAN!!!
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Floor Warriors Race