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Imagine a quad-copter combined with a big shelf. Meet the H-Quad (HQuad). We didn't invent it, but Josh Bixler sure built a good one. It's not quite as aerobatic as an 'X' or '+' quad, however... it sure can haul a lot of FPV crap! Functional multirotors are gaining popularity, so we were certain this would be a worth while build.

Enjoy this entertaining review of our scratch built H-Quad.

Instructions on building you own H-Quad HERE:


Build your own Cloverleaf

















































Eric Deagle on July 9, 2012
looks like it has plenty of power! I'm to scared to fly my gopro without it in the protective case, this set up looks like it should be able to carry the gopro with its hard plastic case with no problem.
Will you post some more video from this once the props are ballanced? I'd like to see how stable the footage is with this platform.
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ox141jf on December 7, 2012
I need some help, the board is setup and the esc's are calibrated
if i throttle up the motors whilst in calibration they all start together.

However when i arm the board and throttle up the rear rite motor will start when i am at 70% throttle whereas the others start at 15%

BUT if i switch the data plug with any of the other motors then they will run slow but the original will not leading me to think its something to do with the board.

Yaw is 50% Pich is 0% roll is 50%

Software is the xcopter v4.7 kk by kapteinkuk
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feetball on May 16, 2013
Did you calibrate the ESCs?

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Quai on July 10, 2012
Would it be possible to find out how much this setup could lift without affecting the performance too much?
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cwozny on July 9, 2012
Awesome review, I always love seeing Josh Bixler doing something he's mildly new at. I was expecting the quadcopter to fall out of the sky when you said you hadn't had a glitch yet :P Can't wait to see the build video!
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buddy on July 9, 2012
Cool plane I just plane and quads handle totally different
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KwangHo LEE on July 11, 2012
Did you use which firmware ? can you give more specific information? I mean like the firmware name and version number.
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ockay16 on July 10, 2012
Really nice video, thanks!!
Can we have a building video?

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Eric Deagle on July 11, 2012
Thanks for the build video Josh! I am thinking of getting the materials this weekend and finally build me one.

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Jake Wells on July 10, 2012
Hey guys can you see if you can design it to fold up? I'm flying the F450 now but it doesn't fold up to take on a hike. God Bless
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Scoodles93 on October 3, 2012
love the body style.. i am currently building one myself.. i want to put my nikon 5100d on the bottom but i need to know which motor/esc to use? i was thinking prodrive 35-36 910kv with 60Amp esc..?? 13x6.5 prop..

you should do a BIG VERSION!! i love the cargo space :)
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Dworf on July 11, 2012
hey guys any info on how it flies with Hobbyking i86 Multi-Rotor Control Board? In build video you said you will test it with this board any info would be appreciated :)
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buster232 on July 12, 2012
Does anyone know what the approximate total cost of this is? airframe only no fpv gear
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lluf on July 10, 2012
Nice quad. What could be done to reduce the jelly-effect? David's videos are much smoother. C'mon Josh'n'Josh, you can do it ;)
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biggles on July 10, 2012
Ordered my stuff today and will begin building this weekend
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dammuozz on July 9, 2012
looks like a very nice quad!! never seen the H configuration before...I wonder what's the flight time with these batteries??
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ockay16 on July 10, 2012
What's your quad flight weight withe the batery and gopro?
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mgehrig on July 9, 2012
Bring on the build video!!
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biggles on July 22, 2012
Ive just completed my h quad and just thought I would let people know about a couple of things to watch out for. I bought the hobby king v2.1 control board and the pots seem to work the other way round compared to joshes video about set up and from what I can gather from other sources it seems to be pot luck as to which way round yours will work. Also the yaw gyro control was reversed so Ive had to change that round, this fella explains how to do that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6m49Cw3OFU but apart from that it works real well, just got to get it all dialed in then I will post a vid
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Dworf on July 10, 2012
can we get the plans for the frame? :)
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cwozny on July 11, 2012
Out of curiousity, why are you guys using the v2.1 KK board now instead of the v3? Is there an issue with the v3?
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FliteTest on July 11, 2012
It's just what we had on-hand.
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Eric Deagle on July 10, 2012
hobbyking is out of stock on the ESC's, what other esc's would you all recommend?

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Norway_Ulrik on July 11, 2012
Wait For HK to get the Turningy Plush 30A in Stock
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yiduo.zhan on January 27, 2013
Hi, I really like the design. You mentioned in the video that you planned to change two-blade propeller to three-blade propeller. What size of three-blade propeller will fit on this frame? What is the pros and cons of three-blade propeller compare to two-blade one?
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lucserre on February 2, 2013
How did you remove the long shaft sticking up from the stock DT750 motor?
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rcrich on April 21, 2013
what is a good replacement for the dt750? I cant wait out the backorder!!!! HELP
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msavsani on August 11, 2013
Hi... i am planning on making this Quad and the Plush 30A ESC are currently out of stock... so i am planning on buying the HK 20A ESC.. Are they good for this DT750 motor? i asked the people in HK, but some say its great.... and some say its not.. So i dont Know what to do..!!
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chlguy on April 13, 2014
Going to build one of these but figured I may go 4 inches wide for a little mor deck space. Also, thought about putting a dial servo to control a tiltable gopro platform for more fpv versatility. Also going to build a little foamboard full top canopy to make it a little more visually attractive. I'l post pics when I'm done.
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alex_diener_6 on March 31, 2016
whats the payload with the set up you have? I am planning to build one and I would like to place a gimbal underneath it

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pete-c on May 16, 2019

Has anyone built this using DJI Naza V2? If so what gain setting are you using? I am using the standard settings but it is a bit unresposive.

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