Heli-Max AXE 100 CP

by FliteTest | December 12, 2012 | (27) Posted in Reviews

The Heli-Max AXE 100 CP is available as a RTF (ready to fly) and TX-R (transmitter-ready) version.  

The RTF model includes a 6-Channel 2.4GHz transmitter with 10-model memory, 5-point pitch curve, exponential, digital trims, and adjustable gyro sensitivity. 

You'll receive a fully assembled AXE 100 features the TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization), installed receiver, motor, servos, (2) 3.7v 200mAh LiPo batteries, AC LiPo charger, spare blades, linkage, and tail rotor.


The TX-R model includes an installed SLT receiver, motor, servos along with the fully assembled AXE 100 CP.  Purchasing an additional AnyLink 2.4GHz Radio Adapter to adapter this helicopter to any controller.

The TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization) system offers protection from outside forces and adds to stability when performing standard flight or aerobatics. 

The flybarless design helps this AXE 100 CP helicopter perform great in small places and maneuver indoors as well as outdoors.

This is a fun radio controlled helicopter!

Thanks again to Hobbico for sending this out for us to review! To find out more about this helicopter check out the link below:

Heli-Max AXE 100 CP - Flybarless Electric Helicopter

AnyLink Radio Adapter


liveyourdreamsRC on December 12, 2012
I'm wondering what the best of this kind of heli is- I mean blade and their line, but also helimax too. What's the best? please recommend something. I am looking for something I can flip and do pretty good 3d with but will withstand a crash. I also don't want it to loose altitude when being flipped inverted like the blade mcpx. What's best? Cool review I think Bixler should practice some 3d for the next heli.
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tramsgar on December 13, 2012
Chad it up on the forums.
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casehatter on December 12, 2012
man they just blow me away with the smarts of the new equipment, it want be long till you won't need your thumbs, you will just think about what you want to do. Keep it up Guys and Thanks Hobbico. for the any link all all this crazy stuff man wow.

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Heli-Max AXE 100 CP