How to Increase Pitch Control

by Doctor3 | August 30, 2012 | (8) Posted in Tips


This article is about increasing pitch control (elevator) for a Dual Aileron/Flaps plane. 

The basic principle is to mix in the ailerons with the elevator to increase the effectiveness of pitch control. 

Step 1 (applies to Spektrum programming )

Plug one aileron lead into the Rx "AUX" and one into Rx "ailerons". 

Step 2 

under WINGTAILMIX , set DUALAILE to active ( ACT)

Step 3 

Create a new mix under MIX 1


RATE D + 40% U + 40%

Increase these numbers to increase pitch control, reduce if too sensitive

This will work with other programmable radios however I am unsure of the set-up. The basic principle is to have the ailerons/flaps go down as the elevator goes up and vice versa. 


It is the difference of lift between the wings that creates a pitching moment, it is not dependant on the centre of gravity, it is only the difference that matters.

It requires no physical modifications so is "free" to do however has pros and cons.

Pros -

 Much more effective pitch control.

 Faster pitch change (as there is no lag time waiting for the angle of the main wing to be  changed , this is very minor and takes place in milliseconds, but with floppy wings can  be noticeable ) .

 Effectively "free" as nothing new has to be built.

 Will work even if the tail plane is stalled, in the case of high angles of attack  the tailplane can become stalled causing "death spins", common in T-tail full size  gliders  and many 3D models.

Cons -

 Effectively reduces the aileron control (roll control)

 Requires a radio capable of mixing , such as the Spektrum dx6i and above.


For this i used a "V-trainer" 4ch version from flyingwings. The Red one is my friends (3ch) which is his first plane. They are great to learn on, great for Fpv and are easily modified (and crash resistant).


tramsgar on September 3, 2012
Good article! I haven't tried yet, but the mix could be tested in a simulator like Phoenix (where you use your real tx) if it accepts two channel ailerons?
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Doctor3 on September 3, 2012
Thanks :) yes it does "dual ailerons" is what it is set up on my DX6i :)
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mountaindewdude76 on September 8, 2012
hmmm, another lesson for me and something new to try out with my DX6i and my scratchbuild glider. I just got into rc flying near the beginning of this year and i'm still learning the many functions of my DX6i. I appreciate this tip!

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How to Increase Pitch Control