How to fix motor of the SkyEagle by NineEagles...

by flitetest_argentina | June 20, 2012 | (27) Posted in Tips

So, in this post we will see how to fix a motor in the SkyEagle from NineEagles distribuded by HobbyKing. The fix was very very simple. The only things you need to have is:

-Hot glue or foam glue
-A new motor and prop
-A plastic tube

Now, remove the motor of the plane and make a new foam base to put the new one. Then hotglue it. Then snap the plastic tube in the middle and be sure that the motor pass through the tube. If this is okey, hotglue it and you are done. The last thing to do is to wait 1 hour till the glue dry up. Make your connection to the central chip and you are done. To know more how to do it check out the video.

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House Of Noob on June 20, 2012
¿Como se dice "Josh" en Español? ¡Gracias por todos primo!

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flitetest_argentina on June 21, 2012
Se dice José. ¿Por que esta pregunta si venis de los EE.UU? Why this question if you are from the USA? Regards, Saludos amigo
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How to fix motor of the SkyEagle by NineEagles...