Long range High capacity triple motor FPV plane

by womackke | May 17, 2012 | (6) Posted in Projects

Triple Trouble- This is a long range, high capacity, stable plane I designed. It flies great even in heavy wind and has plenty of lift and the twin counter rotating props make it extremly stable and make launching very easy. The plane can carry whatever you want to strap to it. You can use any size 3 cell batteries 6000mah and under.....(probobly more). Just match your battery sizes, because I have found the twin motors and single motor use the same amount of power.

This plane can be flown with either power system down (i.e. just the pusher prop working or just the twin props) I had the pusher mapped to the throttle and the twins mapped to a knob and flew it on each system (will post a vid showing that). I found it much easier to just use all the motors at one time rather than trying to work two throttles (and a camera).

additionally if you like you can build other armin wings to you on this plane for different conditions and preferences. you make a standard wing and use it when you dont need the twins or a glider wing or whatever you want! (you can also stick this planes wing on your existing models and remove their motor)

The red and green color scheme helps alot with orientation. note the red and green pusher and standard prop. (counter rotating towards the fusealage)

Build note: for this plane I used a 1" dowel rod because I was wanted a very stiff wing.

"Your ailerons are showing"


gadgetmerc on June 28, 2012
The two power systems is interesting. I can see where you could save some power by flying downwind on a single power system and dual in the wind if needed. What kind of flight time did you get with it?
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Long range High capacity triple motor FPV plane