Sharing rc with the kids

by Hasersys | October 11, 2012 | (7) Posted in Just Fun

One way I like to share the hobby with the kids is by letting them help me out on my scratch builds. Although there are some things that they have yet to get there hands on.. Like flying my quadcopter, I always let them get there hands dirty and help me build. One great way is with painting. I give them their choice of colors and let them have at it. Red, and blue acrylic paint, plus a little mixing for purple.


Keep extra newspapper around.


They love it until the next day they come home to find that on the first painted flight.. You got a little carried away and use the plane as a lawn dart.. Now there are two parts to this plane.

So keep extra foam board on hand, and keep them busy.


NoUsername on March 1, 2013
Not to many fathers let their children get close to there przed posessions. Allowing them to paint the planes truley speaks volumes about how much they care for their children. Also it gives the children a feeling of ownership and pride in what the enjoy doing. Good For You Hasersys!
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ronnie.burchfield. on March 4, 2013
thats the way let the kids have fun to !!!
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Sharing rc with the kids