Baby Blender - Scratch Build

by FliteTest | October 10, 2012 | (77) Posted in How To

The Baby Blender Biplane is a smaller version of the original large scale Scratch Build Blender RC airplane and it's also the 4th installment of the swappable series! 

Swappable Series Scratch built foam board airplanes are designed with a interchangeable fuselage/power pod!

If you purchased a Speed Build Swappable Kit from our Web Store you will want to watch the build video for the Baby Blender V2 - Speed Build Kit.

There's also a bunch more photos in the forum post!  Check it out and join in on the discussion!


Build Plans Available here:
All in One Baby Blender Plans

Full Size Baby Blender Plans

Tiled Baby Blender Plans

TIP for printing the plans: 
To print "tiled" use Adobe Reader XI and in the print dialog select "POSTER", select "Cut Marks" and make sure "Tile Scale" is 100%. Then overlap and tape as required (after trimming the top overlapping edge). 
(Thanks youtuber larrybarrick for this suggestion!)





Equipment used in this build:
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w

Hextronic 9 Gram Servo 

TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
Turnigy 1300mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack
Linkage Stopper "Speed Clevis"
.81mm piano wire (push rods)
Futaba T8FG Super 14ch Transmitter w/R6208SB 2.4GHz Receiver
Futaba R6106HFC 2.4GHz FASST Mid Range 6Ch Rx

Additional/Alternate components:

Suppo 2208/14 1450kv Brushless Motor (Park 370 equiv.)
APC-style Electric Propeller - 8x4E
Suppo 18A Brushless ESC
Suppo SP-90 9g Micro Servo

To watch the Baby Blender Biplane Review go here:

There's also a bunch more photos in the forum post!  Check it out and join in on the discussion at the link below!

If you purchased a Speed Build Swappable Kit from our Web Store you will want to watch the build video for the Baby Blender V2 - Speed Build Kit.


lillstitch0016 on November 26, 2012
I liked this plane design so much that I am building 7 of these as christmas gifts for some of my family members. i have a lot of work a head of me lol
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WizzyWiggs on November 18, 2012
I am sorry if this would be a wrong place to find it, but I am looking to get this 1200kv motor for BabyBlender and also 3 9g servos. I have a 2200kv motor and 10A ESC I could trade, also some props; I just hate to order motor and servos and wait for another week or two, those are the only things I am missing for the plane :(
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Rcmaihem on November 15, 2012
Hey guys i downloaded plans for this plane and on the third page there are no measurements on it there is only a inches and centimeter thing in the upper left of the page is that what use cut these parts out?
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Rc Mania Cyprus on January 30, 2013
I clearly says that all measurments that are not included are the same as the top wing.
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motomad111 on October 12, 2012
Well being new to electrics you hve really made my life hell in the best , way possible... So far I have built the f-22, the fokker dr1 and now I am starting this one tonight. Looks like I'm also placing another order for motors and servos, my wife is going to kill me. GREAT JOB
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Dagger_117 on November 2, 2012
Great build video Josh...I would really like to know what you used to paint the plane...maybe some time you could do a video on how to paint your scratch-built dollar tree foam-board planes
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skyrod30 on October 18, 2012
I'm new to this scratch building but I love the look of this plane. I don't know if I missed it somewhere, but I was wondering what the length is on the throws were.
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rakista08 on October 17, 2012
I was wondering where the CG of the plane is. Its not marked on the plans.. :-/

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NL_Expatriate on April 24, 2016
Cg 2 1/2 back from leading edge on the top wing works for me.
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dadi3 on October 11, 2012
Great video. Make a build video for Bloody Wonder
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constantmotion on October 11, 2012
What kind of paint do you used on the Dollar Tree foamboard? I have tried the cheap "Apple Barrel" acrylic craft paint but have had issues with it warping the paper after it dries.
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casehatter on October 13, 2012
You have to be slow and mist on several coats with each one being very slow or you can use colored packing tape from but put on the tape before cutting and folding but one is as easy as the other
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leadpipe58 on January 5, 2013
Thanks guys for a fun build and a few challenges.The second one always looks better then the first.
Going flying as soon as the weather breaks.
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WolstonFlyer on October 14, 2012
This looks like a great build to try in 3mm Depron withva little AXI motor for indoor flying.
I am also going to build one in 6mm Depron with a 250W 1500Kv motor.
Happy landings everybody!
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stephen on October 12, 2012
So many planes I want to build and now another one. Brilliant, keep um comming
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flight monkey on November 3, 2012
yes guys , keep up the good work.i had a question, about the paint too. but casehatter had already answered it, thanks, I have a bunch of projects, and i want to build ,the baby blender and the bloody bat!!! sadly i have not yet flown.. but i love building these r/c planes. they are so much fun!!! josh and josh are the greatest, thank you for sparking an new hobby for, me .. I feel like Joshua, at first when he couldnt fly . lol love the show guys.
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cubbyleader on October 19, 2012
Do y'all have a sheet that has exact measurements for the fuselage, tail, horizontal stabalizer, etc.?
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Ken on December 16, 2012
Great job now how can I get full size planes for the baby blender I cann't print them out on this coum. Ken
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tTMPDjyZ on June 28, 2021
Yeah These are dead links. I cant find the plans either
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Cortes Gary on January 19, 2013
Hi there, great video and instructions. I am new to this flying and building stuff but did I miss the instructions on the landing gear plans, wheel size and their hardware? Also, is the 8x4 prop also used with the NTM Prop Drive motor?
A request; how about plans for a 4 channel low wing trainer/sport plane using this power pod? Thanks again.
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moparmuscle72 on October 19, 2012
sorry if it's already been stated, but what are the dimensions of the wheels used on this plane?
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mciro on October 17, 2012
hi everybody, looks like there is no particular angle for motor mount, is that correct? non downside to the right modification?

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DStevens3800 on November 30, 2012

Great instructional video. Great looking planes. Great idea for the swappable series. I liked this video so much that I've built two of the Baby Blender Bipes, one for me & one for my son, in the last week. Two more on the way, one for my father and another for me just to have a different paint scheme. I maidened the first one last week and with a few clicks to trim her out she's awesome! The second one "Baby Blender Baby Two" is set up per your 4s recommendations. Let me say this...she be bad. I maidened her in 10+ mph winds this morning, cause I couldn't wait, and she handled beautifully. She can be flown fast or slow, high or low and she floats like a feather and can turn on a dime. The winds being 10+ on the second flight she elevator'ed in and sat down on the runway. Again, thank you so much for this, I can't remember having so much fun flying...and to think only $3.00 worth of foam and I'm pretty sure ready to fly, not including receiver, she came in at $47.00. Not bad my friend...not bad. To everyone else thinking about building this plane...stop thinking and get to it.


P.S. where can I post a pic or 10 of my Baby Blender Babies?
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Josh Bixler on December 1, 2012
Thanks Brother. I Loved watching your videos and your kid in the truck was adorable. I also love your color schemes!

Keep up the great work!
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House Of Noob on October 13, 2012
Probably your best build video to date. Nice.
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custombowyer on January 8, 2013
Hey! Cool Build. I just started on my Baby Blender today. I increased the size by 5%. All that is left is installing electronics. I will be using a Turnigy Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W swinging a 8.75 x 8.75 APC with a 2200mAh 3s LiPo and a 40a ESC. Coupled with HK 9g Digital Servos and a Turnigy 9x. Pics to come soon and hopefully a maiden!!
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leadpipe58 on January 2, 2013
Found a simple trick.Hurt my thumb and could not hold the single edge blade the way I wanted.started to use a small needle nose vice grip to hold the blade.much better control..
Just wanted to pass it along.
Thanks Josh. plan to build a few Bloody wonders and Blenders till the snow melts,I might put some ski's on if I get board.
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tramsgar on October 11, 2012
Thanks, that'll make the winter shorter! =)
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brianm311 on November 9, 2012
hey guy's,saw the vid and was inspired! built a slightly larger verson of the blender and built the bloody wonder as well!! will be posting a vid this weekend on you tube of the maidens of both planes!
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Pauloar on October 12, 2012
Step by Step, It is really a nice plan, I will give a shot for my next construction!
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nickatredbox on December 26, 2012
Does any one know what the angle of incidence is for this one
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murankar on February 17, 2013
I have seen this question asked but not answered. What is the C.G. on this build? I have it built and waiting for electrics. I can't wait to get it in the air.
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Villalji on February 21, 2013
Hi there, a big fan of the series since I discovered your site, and truly in love with your swappable series, build already the Flyer, Delta, Old Fogey and now in the process of finishing the Baby, I'm having lots of fun with it!
Since I can't find the foam board you mention in Germany (so far I found 2 companies that make something similar: in the UK and their sister company in Germany, but only sell to companies apparently) I'm using High density 5mm Depron ( that so far is working pretty good.
I am doing some mods to this model, I wanted t know if someone tried to close the lower part of the fuselage? So far Ive closed the rear area, and planing to make a hatch in tha front. Also, I'm thinking of reinforcing the Landing gear support with a 1mm plywood. The last mod I have in mind is to glass most of the plane with 25 gr fiber and polyurethane acrylic after the experience I got with glassing my EZstar. Anyone tried any of this?
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arjun on March 3, 2013
Thanks for the great video, just finished building mine. Waiting for electronics from hobbyking to do the maiden flight
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Skipp2Maloo on March 19, 2013
Should I build in down thrust and right thrust into my power pod? I know the nutball called for some.
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TheRedBaron on June 3, 2013
What kind of paint/brand/color is that orange? I have to have it

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TOMMY THOMPSON on August 21, 2013
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Thebaron on August 24, 2013
I used the link for the NTM Prop Drive, and when I got the motor the shaft is coming out the wrong end. It looks like I would have to mount the motor on the inside of the firewall. What am I looking at?
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m1m2p390 on March 14, 2015
Thanks youtuber larrybarrick now i cant print the plans :/
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Phoenix Flight on January 2, 2016
I have the control parts and motor from a Hobbyzone T-28 and I have 2 questions. Would it be possible to build a smaller version from foamboard and would it be possible to build a second one without aileron control?
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BobCat87 on September 4, 2018
Got this while trying to download the baby blender plans:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

The specified key does not exist.
stonekap/FT Baby Blender v2.1 AIO.pdf


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gonz147 on September 15, 2018
reupload the files please!!!
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Baby Blender - Scratch Build