Baby Blender v2 - Build

by FliteTest | March 20, 2013 | (53) Posted in How To


The FT Baby Blender (Version 2) is an updated version of our original foam board scratch build! We took input from you (our viewers) and redesigned this scratch build/ speed build kit with added strength, better flight characteristics and a much easier build experience! 

Baby Blender v2 Step-By-Step Build Instructions [HERE]

We've kept the dimensions the same, but we've improved the design and ease of build for the FT Baby Blender Swappable (version 2).

Among the improvements are elevator notches into the fuse to align both fuse and tail at one time. 

The bottom of rudder is stronger and is secured by fuse sides.

The elevator incidence and thrust angle has been changed from the previous design, removing any pitch changes when the throttle is changed. 

Higher lift airfoil and tabbed wing spars for easy build and improved flight characteristics. 

Landing gear mount is stronger and easier to install.

We want to thank all of you who have built the Baby Blender and have given us feedback to help improve the scratch build design!

We've made this scratch build also available as a Speed Build Kit available in our web store! 


Be sure to check out our Decal Kits as well! Thanks again for all the feedback and support! 

Thanks again for all of the input on the previous Baby Blender scratch build!  We'd love to see and hear your results with this new design.  Be sure to submit your photos, videos and input on your builds!

Join the discussion and submit your own builds in our Forum Post!

FREE Build Plans:
FT-BabyBlender-Swappable-v2-PLANS [FULL SIZE] 
FT-BabyBlender-Swappable-v2-PLANS [TILED]
FT-BabyBlender-Swappable-v2-PLANS [ALL IN ONE]



Equipment used in this build:
FT Control Horns
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w
Hextronic 9 Gram Servo 
TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
Turnigy 1300mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
Linkage Stopper "Speed Clevis"
.81mm piano wire (push rods)
Futaba T8FG Super 14ch Transmitter w/R6208SB 2.4GHz Receiver
Futaba R6106HFC 2.4GHz FASST Mid Range 6Ch Rx

Additional/Alternate components:
Suppo 2208/14 1450kv Brushless Motor (Park 370 equiv.)
APC-style Electric Propeller - 8x4E
Suppo SP-90 9g Micro Servo


cloud9photos on March 21, 2013
Chad, you need to set up an account so we can just direct deposit our paychecks to you guys..
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rowedent on April 19, 2013
I worked up the plans in sketchup and made the cut files and 'printed' this out on my phlatprinter. I just finished the build, Josh's instructions are great, but I never saw where the battery fit into the powerpod. Looks good. I put a DT750 motor on it...I wonder how it will fly. It sure is heavy. I could not get a 2200mah battery to fit, it would hit the bottom of the servos and not let the pod come up high enough to engage. I coul fit a 1200 mah though.
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casehatter on March 21, 2013
nice, now it's time for a 3D Blender Mr. Bixler
Good job you gotta $250.00 plane there..!!
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Sagard on August 2, 2015
Trust me when I say this plane is fully 3d as it is already :)
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ronnie.burchfield. on March 28, 2013
how about a video on applying the stickers !! please !! ha ha
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rowedent on April 20, 2013
btw, I just weighed it and it came in at 660 grams without the battery.
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NoUsername on April 20, 2013
Love this plane, double winger. Got this kit, still haven't built it yet, but I still love it!
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c.cube on April 22, 2013
for some reason, I cant access the link for the plans (it says "404 - NOT FOUND"), does anyone know why?
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Mirabile Visu on March 21, 2013
Superb, as always. Keep it up!
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Da99er on March 23, 2013
Has anybody tried to fly Baby Blender without the top wing?
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WizzyWiggs on March 23, 2013
@Da99er Yes, actually this guy has a modified version of Baby Blender with the lower wing, wouldnt mind seeing it fly, it looks awesome:
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Da99er on March 26, 2013
Awesome... Thanks!
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majik53 on March 26, 2013
Where do you buy dollartree foamboard that is 34x28"???? The only ones I have are 30x20". How can I use the plans if they are seriously oversized?
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majik53 on March 26, 2013
Nope, not landscape... So what kind of grid are the 27 tiled pages set up for, and what size foam are we supposed to use for the BBv2? Trying to save some ink and paper here. On another note.. I noticed someone had made an old fogey for FMS flight sim, and I found the FT3D for Realflight (my preferred sim). Do you think someone could make some mock ups for Realflight 6.5 of the Baby Blender, Fowl Flyer, and Old Fogey? I would love to play with the models in the sim to get a better idea of their performance/tweaks.
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majik53 on March 26, 2013
Do I piece together the plan sheets then cut out the parts to fit to the foam board I have? This is a huge dog-leg from previous plans and builds. Love the planes and scratchbuilding (I've built the Old Fogey, Fowl Flyer, and working on the FT3D at the moment with the right sized plans for $tree foamboard), but we need some kind of conformity to the material available to us. I can print out 8 portrait pages in a 4x2 grid (and I think it works out to 9 sheets for landscape, 3x3 grid) to make one 30x20 foam board panel, why are there 27 pages to your tiled plan? 3-3/4 board sheets? or do I need to go get a 8' sheet of 1/2" foam? I don't have the fundage at the moment to order a speed build kit (although that is on my wish list for next month). Ohhhh... Are the 27 pages landscape? That would come out to three sheets of foamboard..? Back to the pasting table...
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jamboree1 on March 28, 2013
The plans were right, after you have to selectively cut down some pages, seems that some reference and cut lines were left out, took me longer to cut and tape the plans together than to cut and build the plane
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jamboree1 on March 28, 2013
also, you will need 4 pieces of foam board
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majik53 on April 4, 2013
ehhhh.. I just got a speedbuild kit on the way, I think I'll use IT as a stencil to make more planes.
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majik53 on May 5, 2013
[sigh].. Got the kit, went together like a dream, was ready to maiden it, and our trailer caught fire and melted it. Sucks to be me...
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rowedent on April 19, 2013
Do you guys mind if I post the sketchup and cnc files on the phlatforum? I also worked up the plans for the FT3D and built it. went together very well, but has not flown yet... I guess I could try the same DT750 (since I biought 4 of those for the H-quad I was going to make....You guys are great!
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ronnie.burchfield. on March 21, 2013
thanks for another plane to build guys !!! i wish you could sell these electronics hobbyking never has anything in stock plus we could save on shipping !!! but thanks again flitetest
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mattplaneflyer on March 21, 2013
Yeah, you guys should start selling electronics.
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ronnie.burchfield. on April 4, 2013
you can buy a power pack for the baby blender at its under flitetest power packs
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WizzyWiggs on March 23, 2013
Very cool and great deal, glad to see the FT kit for BB, have been waiting for it awhile :) Awesome updates to design
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oneiwily on March 23, 2013
what brand of glue gun are u using ?
My looks like the old one you had .. and this one looks way better.
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Skipp2Maloo on April 12, 2013
I would like to know also. What is the flying weight?
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DStevens3800 on March 21, 2013
Right on Josh B. and the gang! This is a great update. Thank you and keep up the great work. When we gonna get a look at that FT Cruz? Can't wait!
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nickhall55 on March 21, 2013
Flitetest really is becoming something quite special on the RC scene. Chad's production skills, Josh B does an excellent job, both with his presentation and knowledge. Josh S is great with his humour and sees things from a real beginners point of view, yet his flying skills are coming along well. David technical knowledge is outstanding aswell as his flying skills. His presentation style is relaxed but professional and he explains things so well. What a team, thanks for all your hardwork and keep this up!
This is simply another first class video and design, well done.
I enjoy every episode and wait impatiently for the next.
Thanks guys for what your doing!
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madaxeslasher on March 21, 2013
I was going to post a comment but I think this guy has said it well enough!
Whats better than Baby Blender? How about BB v.2
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js on August 27, 2014
You got your BB v.2.

Now I would like to see how it behaves with symmetrical wing profiles (or at least close to symmetrical), because I cannot leave that thought when I see pilots pilot the baby blender.

I still need to make up wich FT plane to build as my first. Got some old foam sheets from the -90s some laminated with a local butchers & chark producer advertisement.

That sure will be heavier but then waterproof on one side :)
Should get some sponsor money if i build with that.
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alexkasty on March 31, 2013
DEAR FLITETEST, i have access to a laser cutter at my school that is big enough to cut out the baby blender as this scratch build is more complicated it is a real turn off to people getting into the hobby. i am an avid mentor in my old high school mentoring the robotics team. i was wondering if there was a way to get the Auto-cad plans of the model so i can laser cut out 20 models. i was talking to one of the teachers of my old school for starting an after school flying club as there is allready an rc car building class. (awesome high school) anyway if there is any way of getting the DWG plans of this plane let me know!

thanks again, fellow scratch builder
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RotateB4TheEnd on March 29, 2013
I can't wait to try out this speedbuild kit! It will be my first electric and also my first foam build! (I'm a glow guy). This plane is the perfect size for building in my college apartment next semester. I can't wait! I found FliteTest in December and have been hooked ever since. Keep up the great work!
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jamboree1 on March 23, 2013
I am about 3/4 thru my build and i have a recomendation, please add more cut and and reference lines to expediate the assembly of the papers together, also have you guys ever thought about adding a 3D printer to your workshop? Those would allow you to make and sell your own plastic components.
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tompoole on July 13, 2013
Yeah, I found the first couple of pages were the only ones with the reference lines. Please fix this!
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pgorey on May 9, 2013
I'm curious how people are putting the plans on their foam board. I printed the full size plans at Staples for about 5 bucks (black and white) and then roughly cut each part out and glued them to my foam board with Elmers glue. I also made notes on the parts for 50% cuts etc. This all works fine but everywhere except the fuselage shows the extra plan pieces of paper and ripping them off doesn't seem like a good idea. I guess my specific question is how do you cut out the pieces with the proper lines etc without permanently applying the paper from the plans? I'm trying to get cutouts similar to the laser cut kits and figure that someone must be clever enough to have a great system.
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stevetracey66 on May 26, 2013
I use a 3/4 plywood building board, lay down my foam and use t pins to hold the plans down, give em a whack and the stay put pretty good. Then carefully cut out my parts with an exacto knife. Works fine.
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pgorey on June 21, 2013
Thanks! I ended up using tiny pieces of rolled painters tape that I flattened and lightly stuck the plans to the board before cutting. Did this before seeing your response...same idea but I bet the t pins are way better. Another question for all:
What battery are you using? Plans say 3S but parts list above call out a 4. I have both but want to make sure I'm running the right power setup.
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seaplanepilot5 on June 23, 2013
I would like to know to as no one like to buy the wrong battery

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mstenbo on January 22, 2014
3 cell will be plenty for this plane.
You could run it on 4cell but probably to minimal advantage. You would need to get a lower KV motor to have the same rpm but you will get more punch when needed on the 4s system. I think the parts list has an error.
The motor I am running (Turnigy 2826-10 1400kv) only takes up to 3s.
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Shadow50 on January 9, 2014
I have found that the best way to do your pans is as follows:

After printing your plans, you begin to piece together how they will assemble. This is a bit of a puzzle project but it is entertaining in its own way.

As you match the pieces, use scotch tape to hold the pieces together, it does not matter that you paste over the lines, you will simple cut through the tape.

When you have finished your plans, take them somewhere that you can turn them over, turn them over and use a photo mounting type of spray glue. Mine was by Elmer's I think. It is semi tacky so you can readjust if need be.

After spraying the glue to the plans you simply attach the plans to your foam board.
Then the razor cutting begins! The plans don't move and since you lightly tacked them with the glue you can remove them when you are finished.

Wood workers use a similar technique with patterns and rubber cement.

No need for pins, nails, weights or swearing at all.

Perhaps I should do a video if you guys are interested.

Mark W.
Four FT planes and counting!

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TnTigrrr on September 1, 2018
I scotch Tape the template down trace it out then pull off the Paper, l Also laminate both side's, Prior to use with Clear Packing tape, So it's usable over and over...

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Connorraggatt on March 23, 2013
Hi, could you please put a pack of servos, batteries and anything else you might need to build this onto your store. That would be great.

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marcosamartinelli on April 12, 2013
Hi! What about the flying weight? Or just the plane weight? You guys should always put this info as reference. Thanks!
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kram847 on September 28, 2013
What would produce more thrust, the recommended hobbyking power system on a 4 cell, or the lazertoys power system on a 3 cell?
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danield on November 27, 2013
In video showing 'skew' for rubber band for wind to fuselage, make sure fuselage aligns to wing before gluing skew.
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OllyWolly7 on March 1, 2014
Could i use a 2200mah 3 cell lipo on this??

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NL_Expatriate on April 24, 2016
Totally. But you will probably have to mount the batteries to the underside of the podcast. Probably best anyway as it will lower the cg . Not the wing cg which I put at 2 1/2" from leading edge on the top wing.
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rzr418 on February 16, 2014
What would be a good propeller from hobby king to use
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Yogenh on December 29, 2013
How would it do as a tri wing???
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mstenbo on January 22, 2014
Traditionally a tri-wing plane has the centre wing at the upper level of the fuselage. It would probably be best to design a 2 part wing (port and starboard separate) and raise the upper wing by about 5cm. You should probably keep the upper wing in the same position, meaning that the upper wing supports must also be redesigned to have a slightly shallower angle.
I would also look at extending the tail by 3-5 cm as it is very twitchy as-is and adding more lift will make it more so. A longer fuse may help mitigate this.
I would be interested in seeing a tri version of this.
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franc on March 30, 2014
Any idea where I can get copies of the plan? When I click on the download I get a message that the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. Thanks
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franc on March 30, 2014
I have a copy of the v.1 plans; how do they differ from the v.2, maybe I can modify them?
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Lalitya on May 8, 2014
Hi flight test team,

I am glad that I came to your site and turned out with a new hobby of building rc planes from scratch. I am a new bee in RC planes and i build a baby blender 2 by your instructions. My plane looks great and Storng enough, wish i could share my pics or video here.

Your instructions were superb and the plane also turned out good. As I am a new bee it was my first flight with my baby blender 2. It was a nice experience and i was afraid to take it in air at first as it was looking so cool that i though I should not brake it.
Any ways i took my first flight and after few wrong start up i managed to put my plane in air.. say about 3 feet from ground, but suddenly my plane tumbled and my horizontal wings went vertical and plane crashed.

After few more tries and crashes the upper and lower wing started wobbling as the linkage between upper and lower wing had some folds. Also my power pod came out of the barbeque sticks due to crashes and the foam paper teared off.

Can you suggest using a candy stick for wing support and to have power pod in place is a good idea.

But i admit it was very exciting, and nice experience to build this plane right from scratch.
I took lot of patience to do every step and it was fun to see the plane getting into shape step by step.

Thanks Josh B for wonderful video, awaiting your response on the issue i faced.

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llsouder on May 21, 2014
I am building this airplane and my kids ask me what I am doing. I say I am building a "Baby Blender" and they all look at me like I am crazy because they think I am building a blender for... okay you get the idea. I never thought of the name this way until tonight. thanks for the laughs, sick as they may be.
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SHolman on August 7, 2014
Can anyone tell me what the width of the wings are? I am cutting out parts and taping them together, and I can't see an outline of the wing edges. Thanks.
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Franz on September 15, 2014
I'm going to try the BB. to increase by 50%.
So that the baby becomes a teen.
Then it does not say BB. but TB.
I hope that the good flight characteristics are maintained,
or be even better.

regards Franz
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Danilisious on June 1, 2014
Top Tip: having big hands is really handy

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SHolman on August 7, 2014
Ok, I figured it out. I was not matching up the tiles correctly. Whew! There is a lot to match.
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inthedirtagain on October 17, 2014
Can anyone comment on what electronics they are using to give XX amount of flight time? I'm new to the world of flight and want to know what battery to order, thanks.
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Origamipilot on October 24, 2014
can i use a blue wonder ( hxt 24g for this
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inthedirtagain on October 30, 2014
I have an Emax XA2212 and matching SimonK 30A esc. With this combo, what props would you recommend for 2s or 3s lipo?

Log In to reply on April 7, 2015
HI if i do this as scratch build , what thickness foam board would i use? 3mm or 5mm?
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Ano Pilot on February 24, 2015
Hidden in this show (?) is one of the few references in your content to tailplane/stabiliser incidence. Surely the relationship between incidence (decalage?) and CofG would be worth an in-depth explanation. My ignorance of this matter has caused me difficulties, with a couple of crashes, usually when trying to roll too low, and aeroplanes (flying wings) that lose 30ft by the time they emerge from a roll. Whilst I have been trying to enjoy your recent content I am continuing to worry that you are showing signs of neglecting your opportunities as educators.
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ColinTastic on March 22, 2015
I just bought this and cannot wait for it to be delivered! I am so excited to build this plane, I may add a bomb drop to drop Nerf footballs with the little stabilizers. May make a video once I get everything right, maybe made in 2016
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dov1das on June 22, 2015
hey i'm new in this hobby coud u tell me what thick of foam you using to build airplanes 3mm or 5-6mm ?
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paullauze on August 22, 2015
I am building the baby Blender v2. When i went to install the power pod, I noticed that because of the height of the firewall, it prevents the front alignment tabs from being inserted into the alignment slots in the body. am i doing something wrong or is there an error in the plans. i checked and double and triple checked all the dimensions.
also, in the power pod video, he inserts the skewers through the firewall into a square of foam board. on mine the skewers go right over the top of my square piece of foam. I would have to use a double thickness of foam board for it to work.

it make me think the fire wall is too tall, but again i compared it to the plans over and over and it matches.

I am using the plans i downloaded here.
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dshaw on June 7, 2016
I would love to see this as a Mini or made in to a tri wing.
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lasanderson on November 16, 2016
Has anyone tried a symmetral airfoil on a Baby Blender?
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Goose on June 26, 2016
An help with the CG?? I tried the points on the uprights but not real accurate. Thy talk about a second mark when inverted but can't find them??
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rcflyertim on April 4, 2023
I need help! I have an original baby blender still in the brown cardboard box! Sitting on my shelf. I would like to make it a version 2 and maybe someone who is experienced can point me in the right direction
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Baby Blender v2 - Build