Baby Blender Biplane

by FliteTest | October 8, 2012 | (56 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

The Blender RC plane had a baby!... Wait, no... two babies! The Blender had twins! 

We review the smaller scratch built 4 channel version of the original Blender biplane, the Baby Blender. Designed with both a swappable fuselage and a conventional (non-swappable) design!

Adding to the swappable fuselage series we created a scratch built biplane replicating a smaller version of the Blender Biplane

The swappable fuselage is hidden inside of the baby Blender's airframe.

The dollar tree foam plane is also made of poster board as well.

The conventional airframe is designed with a fixed fuselage and is just slightly lighter than the swappable.

The big difference with this scratch built biplane design is that it features an actual curved top, flat bottom Airfoil!

Thanks to author ExAir and his Armin Airfoil tutorial, we were inspired to try out his design and make our baby Blender with these Airfoils.

Biplanes with airfoils have an incredible amount of lift!

It was a bit of an accident that the baby Blender handles as well as it does. With short coupled airplanes, typically they have a tendency to drop a wing or have stall-spins. But the baby Blender handles great!

Josh Scott thinks this scratch built flys a lot like the Apprentice.

The conventional airfoil really makes this scratch built foamboard RC plane fly well. It's very forgiving and though it's a bit more advanced to build, it's a fun plane to fly as a beginner, intermediate and pro.



mark_zipf on October 10, 2012
Love the Plane hope you guys get out the build soon hope you do a wright brothers now that would be a good one with twin blades and all .. thanks you guys .... i have a nutball with me on my travels i am a truck driver some day i will figure out hoe to make a colapasable wing out of foam so i can do some fpv in the places i go best to your gang there keep up the good work
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Calebtriplet3 on November 1, 2012
That's an awsome bipe Flitetest!! It inspired me to build a biplane similar in design, yet it's gonna be enlarged 2.5 times, making it a wingspan of 60". Keep up the building!
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HHScherer01 on October 11, 2012
Really me and my dad HAVE to build one of these.
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RC Racer on October 8, 2012
Great looking Paint.
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InComing RC on October 11, 2012
What spray paint did you use?
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ERAU1983 on October 9, 2012
Great job of taking a great idea to the next level. I am working on building on of Experimental Airlines designs now. I'm looking forward to your design post of the Baby Blender Biplane.
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DocBon on January 3, 2013
I've been looking for a hobby to share with my kiddos. I've never built a plane before but, have always dreamed of it. Going to start with the Nutball of course but, really looking forward to getting up to level for this build. Thanks J n J! You've got a new member!
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Naamis on October 9, 2012
Cool stuff. Really like the looks on the plane. Also, almost x-mas, so could make a few of these to give out. Veeery nice. You could start making more of these scratch built planes!
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House Of Noob on October 14, 2012
I have been entertained! And now, I have to go build.
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Benn Gunn on October 10, 2012
gonna have to build one of those... great as always
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flitetest_argentina on October 8, 2012
GREAT! loved it guys! Regards to all the flitetest crew!
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brace on October 9, 2012
There's an idea build one plane with foam the other with core flute so people can see the differences and how easy both mediums can be.
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Derrick on October 8, 2012
Neat little plane, like it, wish we could buy that Dollar Tree foam board in New Zealand, we pay NZ$17 per a two sheet pack for it here, makes it that much more expensive, so I am wondering if I could get the same wing shape with core board, worth a try I think. Keep it up guys, always enjoy your videos and, the site is looking good too.
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tramsgar on October 8, 2012
It's about the equivalent of $7.3 here, and it's 5 mm thick with paper on both sides. Guess adapting is part of the fun.
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cyasa on March 27, 2013
HI derrick I am also in New Zealand please contact me

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wobblygrenade on October 19, 2013
Felllow NZer which foarm are you using?
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tramsgar on October 8, 2012
I like the scratchbuilds. Still waiting for the build video of the bloody mary... or something. Thanks!
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stephen on October 11, 2012
How great is that. Thanks guys for another great idea. Can't wait for the build. Still waiting for the rest of the bits to finish the f22 raptor from HK. I'd better get another order in for more bits for the next build.
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benalmeer on December 31, 2012
That's an awsome bipe Flitetest!! It inspired me to build a biplane similar in design, The conventional airfoil really makes this scratch built foamboard RC plane fly well. It's very forgiving and though it's a bit more advanced to build, it's a fun plane to fly as a beginner, intermediate and pro
Ben Almeer
Click Here
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coffeebean56 on January 18, 2013
I have the plans printed and taped together. This is my forth swapable build. Looking at the plans, what would happen (good or bad) if I made the wing longer? Maybe even the entire length of the foam board. Or the top wing longer to look like a WWI biplane. It just looks a little stubby to me. Thanks
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Nightfox7 on October 10, 2012
Battery? Servos? Prop? :)
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jamesamoran on October 13, 2012
I just can't seem to bend the metal for the wheels right. Does anyone have any pointers when bending wire?
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xmoto226 on October 8, 2012
Great new Build, Love the New Idea, War Birds WWI, WWII, Golden era. Makes Me want to build From Scratch. Keep It up Guys Thanks!!!!!!!
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rcnoob on October 8, 2012
Love it! hey, will the scratchbuild vid be out on wednesday?
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Nhelge132 on January 11, 2013
I love it... I think I might build one tonight!!
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Nitro Nico on October 8, 2012
:( please have the build up quick guys! :D
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alexkentspitfiremonk on April 16, 2013
do they or would they ship to the uk
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I purchased the blender 2 kit and I have noticed on every list of parts for the baby blender is different. motors, esc, props, etc I thought the speed builds all use the same power pod? i also have the ft flyer, nutball, delta and old speedster, which call out different specs for the power plant also - which do I go by?
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deMon 1 on September 30, 2014
Beautiful aircraft .Quick and simple to build.Thank God easy to repairThank God easy to repair.
Build it fluid crafted it repair it in about 10 mins.Tore off the top wing,broke both risers knocked a chunk out of the prop .in the plains defense I'm not a very good pilot but I'm learning .thanks guys keep up the good work.

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CiderPunk on October 11, 2012
I've pre-emptively bought most of the the bits! what paint do you use on this foamboard stuff?

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EliasB on August 19, 2015
Spray paint

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