Some beautiful footage

by Meteor | October 4, 2012 | (14) Posted in Just Fun

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motoringmaniac on October 5, 2012
well done! Inspiring even. Makes me sad the weather sucks here right now.
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Shaun_Mileson on October 5, 2012
Excellent video guys! I really like the mixed use of fixed wing and rotor craft, makes for an interesting mix up - kept me trying to work out which is which.

Keep it up.
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Meteor on October 5, 2012
thanks guys Glad you like it
its always nice to hear that people actually appreciate the stuff we do :)

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TeamEZephyr on October 6, 2012
really beautiful, I wish we had such a beautiful landscape over here.... What stuff do u use?
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Meteor on October 6, 2012
Thanks :)

We have a TBS Discovery, a Zephyr II and a Popwing
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Some beautiful footage