Tutorial: Setting up DJI naza together with transmitter setting

by kirikset | November 29, 2012 | (6) Posted in Tips

download DJI Assistant and Usb drivers here: http://www.dji-innovations.com/products/naza-multi-rotor/downloads/


Soldier53 on December 4, 2012
Great Job, as all ways! thank you for all the help. this is a very good set up video, the quality is great!
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EvilTech on June 17, 2013
Hello there, seems like you would be the guy to talk to about DJI naza. I bought my DJI along with its GPS of eBay, and doesn't seem to perform like the quads i see on the net. It's quiet stable, but in GPS hold position it doesn't Hold its position it drifts a lot. and in atti mode its all over the place. RTH is a nightmare. (go home and land) it goes 20m high, but flies violently and gets ver close to crashing, so i have to switch back to GPS hold or atti to avoid the crash. My setup is as follows.

frame: hobbyking's FY450
motor: NTM 28-26 1000KV
ESC: Turnigy Multi star 30A ESC
prop: SF prop 10x4.5
battery: 4cell 5000 or 2x 3cell 2200

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Tutorial: Setting up DJI naza together with transm...