Twin Twirl

by FliteTest | June 18, 2012 | (35) Posted in Reviews

In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh review the Twin Twirls!  Watch as they explain the flying characteristics, and then go fly! These planes are great trainers, and also fly amazing. Watch this video to see more.


Build instructions and plans are here:


Twin Twirl Scratch Build


Blue Twirl Parts:


24gram Hextronik 1300Kv Motor
8X4 Prop
12amp Plush ESC
Hextronik 9gram Servo
500mah 3s Battery

Red Twirl Parts:

2213N 800kv Motor
10x4.7 GWS Prop
18amp Plush ESC
Hextronik 9gram Servos
800mah 3s



aircrash65 on September 8, 2012
great plane guys.just made two of them .one to the plans .The other one i extended the wings by 3 inches flys better no wing the tips .also put bbq skewers inside of the giro blades to stop them bending.
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pilot Dewey on June 19, 2012
thanks guts for putting up an auto giro plane episode. we studied them in my engineering class.

p.s. i think it was nightflyer. but yeah he made a single bladed prop for one of his helicopters.
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Pyrofish on June 18, 2012
Already have a set of twirl plans waiting for the day I wear out my Pices twin rotor...and it does fly upside down. Very interesting watching the rotors reverse when you are upside down.

Build the Twirl lighter and it might fly upside down for you.

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Bbjen on June 18, 2012
Nice one guys. Really waiting on the build video on this one...
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wootler on June 18, 2012
Learn something new with each video! Awesome tip about the use of wire ties for pushrod supports! So simple!
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liveyourdreamsRC on October 26, 2012
Cool! Such a unique airframe
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argat11 on June 20, 2012
Hello there!

I live in Mexico. Here there's no where I can obtain that specific paper backed foam. Is there a web site from where I can order it?


All the best!

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colorex on June 23, 2012
It does not need to be paper backed foam. You can also build using EPP or depron. EPS (white bubbly foam) is usually too brittle and weak.
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maxxrocket on June 18, 2012
So the red is the hopped up version. 800 kv motor is faster than the 1300kv?
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colorex on June 18, 2012
Higher Kv doesn't mean higher power. Lower Kv motors can usually drive bigger propellers.
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flitetest wingman on June 19, 2012
great episode guys well done :)
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buddy on June 18, 2012
cool plane

creative the red hotrod looks like it handles better
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awesomestuntguy on July 21, 2013
Please make swappable plans. :)
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Carmatious on July 24, 2013
Agreed, If they do I might even make one.
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Geoffarari on January 14, 2017
Trying to establish the thickness of foam used on the Red Twirl, looks like 5 or 6mm, can Joss confirm?
I have recently built the Twirl from the original plans using 3mm thick foam, not flown it yet but assembly seems very flimsy.
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Twin Twirl