Twin Twirl - Scratch Build

by FliteTest | June 20, 2012 | (32) Posted in How To


Did you love the Twin Twirl Review? Well your in luck! In this episode of Flite Test Josh Bixler walks us through, step-by-step, on how to build the Twin Twirl! 

Although it may be a tad bit intimidating to build, Josh simplifies is easy steps, while giving you some added tips along the way! Watch this episode to see more. 

Could this RC plane be classified as a multicopter? Probably not, but it is a unique multi-rotor style RC plane hybrid and the cool thing is, you can't build it yourself!



PLAN LINK: Http://

Blue Twirl Parts:

24gram Hextronik 1300Kv Motor


8X4 Prop


12amp Plush ESC


Hextronik 9gram Servo


500mah 3s Battery




Push Rods

.03 diameter spring wire


Landing Gear Wire

.07 diameter spring wire


Small zip ties


Brass or stainless steel tube

as per plans


Wheel Collars


Landing Gear Plans


Red Twirl Parts:

2213N 800kv Motor


10x4.7 GWS Prop


18amp Plush ESC


Hextronik 9gram Servos


800mah 3s


Josh Bixler on June 20, 2012
Hi Guys

The lack of plans is my fault. Here is a link to where you can download the plans. I will get them in the info area asap.

It is on post #63

Have fun building friends!

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thercmaster on July 3, 2012
Hey Josh I was looking at the twin twirl scratch build where can I get the wire for the landing gear and the servos.
Please answer ASAP
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FliteTest on July 3, 2012
You can pick it up at a local hobby shop. It is spring wire. Good luck with your build!
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lazylyons on January 19, 2014
Will there be a twin twirl kit in your store in the future?

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Brennan Huard on June 27, 2012
what kind of receiver do you use on the red twirl?
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UberRobot on June 21, 2012
Is this appropriate for a beginner to build?

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Fabberdan on June 20, 2012
Have a look here...
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cragun1022 on January 19, 2013
How hard is it to build?
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Nic on June 20, 2012
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Jackismycopilot on July 10, 2012
Hey guys. This is going to be my first scratch build!!!! I am very excited. I was wondering if i could use a park 480 motor that I have laying around for the red version. If not do you guys have an alternative motor that I could use for the red that is available in the US warehouse? As I said before this is my first scratch build so when I go onto the hobby king website and see all the different motors I really have no idea where to even start. Thanks in advance!

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Lemuel on June 22, 2012
Hey Big J and Big J. Love your channel and wit! Started your twin rotor autogyro today. Never played with foam board. Been a balsa guy all my young life. But i tell you what. I love this foam!
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colorex on June 23, 2012
Balsa is still cool, looks nicer in the end :)

I'm more of a balsa guy myself, even if I've only built two desk top models.
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Joker 53150 on August 4, 2012
That was a really good tip about using a drill and sandpaper to create a round hub. To slightly improve on it I'd suggest bringing the sanding block to the rotating hub very slowly to allow the sandpaper to remove only the high-points first without hitting the lower spots. If you quickly apply harder pressure on it the sanding block will go after the high points as well as lower points.
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Erick on June 20, 2012
Theres no plans guys! =(
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House Of Noob on June 20, 2012
Nice challenge. I notice wing struts on the red one. Did I miss that in the video?

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Josh Bixler on June 20, 2012
The red twirl had struts installed due to its heavier weght. We simply ran fiberglass rod from the vertical pylon to the fuselage. The plans also show a strut detail that can be used.

Thanks and Happy building
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sailorJohn on June 18, 2014
Bamboo bbq skews in stead of fg rod . (me be cheap)
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mojoe88 on April 30, 2013
Can you modify this to add to your swappable design?
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NoUsername on May 29, 2013
The origonal plans do not include any doublers. I would like to build the twin twirl as per the plans Josh is using, after surching for them, was unable to find and download any. Is there a seperate set of plans that were made for Josh's plans?
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legoaras on January 4, 2015
What receiver do you need to fly this plane
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chas2 on April 11, 2015
Are there plans available that include the "doublers" (those extra parts used to add 2 extra layers to the frame to reinforce it)?

Thanks a lot for the guide!!
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Twin Twirl - Scratch Build