A 1.3 meter specter V2 that is easy to transport

by joakimk | August 23, 2013 | (6) Posted in Projects

New version:

Update: I've replaced this plane with http://flitetest.com/articles/second-version-of-the-transportable-specter-v2.

Original article below: 

I've recently gotten myself some FPV gear and thought I should build a plane to use it with. As I don't have a car and I walk or take public transportation to the places I fly I want something that is easy to bring.

The specter I've built isn't exactly to specs, the wings are a bit bigger because I wanted it to be able to carry some of the larger batteries I have. It's about 1.3 meters wide (51 inches) with an AUW of between 700-800 grams depending on the battery that is used.

The plane:

My backpack for support gear and a bag for the plane (70x30cm).

The various parts:

The wing mounts.

I've mostly used the local variant of dollar tree foam board which is slightly denser, thinner and a bit heavier. Some plywood for support and mounting points.

The maiden went well. It loops, rolls, flies upside down and slows down nicely. Needed about half throttle to keep it in the air. The wings bend a bit so I'll have to look at how to improve that.

The setup used for the maiden was a 3700mah 3s battery and a 140w 1200kv motor with a 8x6 prop. AUW was about 800 grams.

Next up after improving the wings and giving it some color I'll add the FPV gear and give it a go :).

Edit 1:

Although it worked with the 140w motor it was a bit too underpowered so I switched over to a 1650kv 250w motor with a 7x6 prop.

I've had some issues with the wings being floppy at high speeds and some bending. I think some carbon fibre supports might fix that.

Had to stengthen the power pod as it looses a lot of rigidity by having a hatch on the top.

It's mostly stable, can fly slow and glide quite a bit. Works well for FPV.

Edit 2:

I've built another much better version and will post an article on that one with more complete build instructions in a little while.


dvogonen on August 30, 2013
Very impressive that you got that big plane down into such a small bag. And I complain that my car is to small for my planes :-)
Even more impressive that your v2 model flies so well.
See you at Årstafältet!
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spencer on August 26, 2013
I like the concept of breaking it down for portability. Nice work.
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A 1.3 meter specter V2 that is easy to transport