A Search and Rescue

by IC Aeronautics | November 18, 2018 | (2) Posted in Projects

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To the Flite Test Community,

More in likely in your area you are going to have a Search and Rescue team that utilizes drones for their operations, and most of the time these are volunteer efforts. The best way to acknowledge and support what they are doing and at the same time educating your students on the powerful uses of drone technology is to call these guys out.  We reached out to ours in the Longmont/ Boulder area and they were all about supporting the class and coming out to visit.  

Since we offer a UAS Flight Training course, it made for a great connection between what we were learning in class and how it is applied in the real world. From Crew Resources Management, Risk Management, Pre-Flight Checks, and mission application, it was a great presentation and the students had a blast.

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Pre-Flight Briefing - Making Learning Connections

They are messing around, this vehicle is intense!

The Matrice 210, AUW 20plusK Unit

IC Studios Project Manager Jeff Lund documents his experience with the crop field

All ready!

In-Flight Checks

Watching how they grid the area for search

After half the flight battery, they spot Jeff!

Jeff has been found!

Nice work Jeff!


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A Search and Rescue