by FliteTest | November 7, 2011 | (17 Ratings) Posted in Projects

In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh teach us how to build planes out of foil? Well maybe not, but they do explain airfoils pretty well. Watch this to learn more.


ABQ Bobcat on October 27, 2012
Josh & Josh - you made the comment in the beginning of this episode that someday you might make an airfoil out of tinfoil. Now that it has been almost a year since you made that statement, you think you're up for that challenge?
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4dave on April 25, 2012
Kentucky Fried Air Foils!
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zbaron19 on February 18, 2015
I wanna see a airfoil out of tinfoil!!!!!
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sudanellenc on April 12, 2015
Nice as all your videos, but as all your videos, I can only get 30% of what you say. Could it be possible to add subtitles for non-good english speakers? :p
Thanks for your work!!!
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