by Provotroll | June 23, 2015 | (7) Posted in Just Fun

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Do you know Guigui86? I've been a fan of his FPV videos for several years now and always wanted to travel to France to fly together with this guy. Two weeks ago I finally made the trip together with two friends (FelipeFPV and Dijay-I). Meeting Guigui was great, he is such a nice guy - but flying together with him was even better. He truly is one hell of a pilot.

On the first day we met in the village of La Clusaz. No flying on that day due to bad weather but we were able to discuss and plan the spots for the next two days. Which all were in the Aravis mountain range around La Clusaz.

On the second day we did some nice flights at first but then Felipe first lost his Ritewing Z2 and then his Skyhunter. He just wanted to fly a little to close to the rocks...

On the third day we met at my favorite spot of this trip. It was awesome. We flew to the highest peak of the Aravis range with 2,752 m (9,029 ft) above sea level.

The scenery is just beautiful. How could you not want to fly there?

For sure this was not my last trip to visit Guigui and the beautiful mountains in his backyard.


FTprime on July 5, 2015
Provotroll I adore your flying and all of your videos! They are always amazing.
One question, is that the Ritewing Z3? Looks like an awesome plane. And are you going to try the Ritewing Drak?
Thanks for your time,
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Provotroll on July 6, 2015
Thanks a lot Colin, I appreciate it :-)
Yes, the red/white wing is my Z3. Most of my recently released footage was made with that wing. I really love it! It's an incredibly well flying wing. What it doesn't like is is not as durable as the Z2. If you want to know more about my Z3 build check out this article:
Yes, I think I will get my hands on a Drak when it comes out. Looks promising.
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Krümelmonster on June 25, 2015
As always an amazing video. I liked it very much.
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grether2000 on June 26, 2015
Nice panorama image, a bit more and you could have had enough for a sim flying site.
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