AirMode Quick Tip

by FliteTest | June 20, 2016 | (0) Posted in Tips

TJ, known as T-Bone FPV online, helped us reprogram our VersaCopter using Betaflight AirMode. 

AirMode allows you to keep the quad level when you’re at zero throttle. It helps make cool aerobatics possible and helps you recover more easily if you have to drop the throttle to avoid an obstacle.

Before adjusting AirMode, remove the props from your quad. Plug your quad into your laptop, and go to Firmware Flasher. Open the most recent version of BetaFlight (which you can find and download at GitHub).

We added AirMode to our Aux 2 channel in the Modes tab. This enabled us to turn AirMode off when we’re near the ground and when we’re coming in for landing. 

Within the Modes tab, you can adjust the range of when AirMode is on. Josh set his up so that AirMode was on when the stick was centered and off when the stick was thrown up or down.

Thanks to TJ for flying with us and teaching us how to install AirMode!


andre on June 21, 2016
YES I just did the conversion. WOW I'm going to have a lot of fun!
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Turbobug65 on June 24, 2016
I did the change with the PID's that Fliote Test put out before for the Versa Copter. Now it wont fly, gets the forward and backward pitch wobble. Do we keep using Luxfloat as the controller?
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AirMode Quick Tip