AKK CA20 camera and TS5828 VTX review

by gcok2010 | August 20, 2017 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Let's try something new.

Looks like there is a new player on the market for cheap FPV gear and I had to try it.

I just got AKK CA20 camera and TS5823 VTX at a unbelievable price (camera is 20$ and VTX 10$).

My expectations for such low cost camera was not big, but this little thing surprised me with OSD and bunch of features (some of them I still do not understand well). 

With the camera you also receive a bunch of connecting cables and one with small controller for setting the camera features (a lot of them , look at video review Part 1)-

Manual is really basic, and that is the only minus for this product. I would love to see better manual with explanation of all features that camera provides.

Lightweight camera (12.4 grams only) can operate from 5V up to 22V (so you can take power even from your receiver) and has an excellent picture and nice colors .

It is 600 TVL NTSC standard and manufacturer claims that there is 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD II CCD,Nextchip 2040 DSP in it.

According to quality of picture, it sure is.

Check video review 1 for full OSD and camera capabilities.

Link to product:


TS5828 VTX

This is 32 channel VTX (quite enough for my needs, but if that is not enough for you they have 40 CH versions) and 600 mW output comes with standard stick antenna and a bunch of connection cables. one of which is for connecting sports and action cameras (like Mobius).

Only 7.1 grams and with operating voltage from 7V up to 24V it will suite all of your needs. 

VTX is suitable for video and audio transmission-

There is one sheet manual and frequency explanation on the box, and it is so tiny that is very hard to read. That is the only minus of this product, no clear manual (like with camera).

Link to product:


So if you are just starting at FPV or just want to try it not knowing if you gonna like it, this is very cheap solution for that.

I can highly recommend this camera and VTX (if you need 40 channel versions, you can find them on their web site), since the camera has excellent picture at stock setup. Playing with settings on the camera you probably could get even better picture. I just wanted to use stock setup so any newbie could use it as is.

Video reviews Part 1 and Part 2 (part 2 is with flight test).


JamesWhomsley on August 24, 2017
Cool review! :)
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gcok2010 on August 25, 2017
Thank you.
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AKK CA20 camera and TS5828 VTX review