We're Buying a Golf Course!! | FTP 171

by FliteTest | August 24, 2017 | (9) Posted in Podcasts

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In this episode of the podcast Josh and Austin join us to chat about the new DESTINATION LOCATION as well as other NEW and exciting initiatives that are making the hobby THAT much more accessible! 

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bigALUSMC on August 24, 2017
I for one am excited.... I grew up always wanting to do rc but coming from a poor family it was not possible. Now that I am older.... it has given me an opportunity not only to be able to do this.... but do this with my kids. We are also part of the FT STEM as we home school our kids. Thank you Josh and all those who are part of Flite Test as this has had a massive impact in our family. Hoping to bring our community of Home School families along with this as it is a fantastic way to hang out and build relationships. I can't wait to see all that GOD has for you guys and the lives that will be impacted.

Love the free shipping as it looks like we will be using you guys for our foam board. This will help out a a lot.

One thing I do miss... is both Josh and Josh video's. Not sure what he is doing now... but you guys made it comical. My favorite is the flying brick episode of him in the background running with a piece of cardboard trying to fly..... lol.
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mikeflight on August 25, 2017
I was exactly in the same situation as you were when I was young bigALUSMC. My Son is now 26 but still loves RC flying. The great thing now is that RC flying has become more affordable than it was even a few years ago. My Son and I started in a club in 2000 (glow and gas) and it WAS expensive, but it is less expensive now. Electric flying is really affordable, so lets hope it gets even more people into the hobby. Folks in the UK should know that all Flitetest planes and foamboard are now available here, just Google it.
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rblubaugh on August 25, 2017
This will be exciting to see com to fruition. I live about 5 1/5 hour west of your current site and have a son and his family in New York state so I do come past at least a couple of times a year; it would be neat to stop in, at least for a little while, to maybe fly a plane or buy a new one with like minded modelers.

While I'm thinking of it, what's the story on the balsa, bass wood and plywood fuselage standing in the back corner during the podcast? I would like to see a podcast about the build of that plane and of course it's first flight.

Thanks for all your hard work and vision.

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themistocles3 on August 26, 2017
Wow! Josh has big, bold, and beautiful dreams.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
Henry David Thoreau
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steadfast4life on August 26, 2017
Visions are necessary for the future. This vision is beautiful. Family is being undercut all around us. Here is a vision for family building and bonding. I love it. I got into the hobby at the age of 12 with a gasser that gave me 7 stitches. Here I am 26 years later still flying RC and my kids are now getting into it (thanks to bashers from airhogs) with my 11 year old daughter being the one with the most stick time. I usually cant get to flitefest due to my work schedule but if flitetest were a vacation destination, I could see that happening in the future. I pray Gods best for you and want to sincerely thank you for making this content family friendly and having a vision to strengthen families in this day and age!
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Kobur on August 27, 2017
I can tell you that if you build it we will come. Literally. My son and I went to FFE this summer. It was amazing, but it took over a year of blocking out my work schedule to be able to come. And next year I cannot come for the same reasons. However, if this was something open year-round or at least most of the year, I could come yearly because I could control the dates of the trip.
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Ran D. St. Clair on August 28, 2017
I love the vision, but i am also a little scared for you. These things have to pencil out as a business. If your business model is something like a Flite Fest then people can't do that year round. If your business model is something like a flying field then those exist all over the place for flying club dues or less. If your business model is more like a STEM summer camp then it might work but you are probably only going to draw from the local area. That might also require overnight facilities and more infrastructure. Something like the Joe Nall field might be a prototype, but I was under the impression that Joe Nall field was more of a volunteer based situation rather than a business. Also I was under the impression that it was "gifted" to the RC community, and didn't have to support a mortgage, etc. I could be wrong about all of this as I really don't claim to know much about Joe Nall. Mostly I am worried for Josh's family on a more personal level. It's a bold move. I just hope the economics of the business can be made to work.
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Gryf on August 30, 2017
Wow. This is truly thrilling news, and it will be exciting to see it all come to fruition. You guys are showing yourselves to be true visionaries, and you're making me wish I lived in Ohio so I could take a more active part in the dream. ;-) At least know that our thoughts and prayers are with you... the next three years will be very interesting!
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NiCK_NaME on August 30, 2017
Monetarily, I believe you should do a crowd fund, a partnership that believes in your vision, also to include sponsorship's (e.g. DRL) and use your personal capital.

As a crowd fund, I will donate some of my personal capital.
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NiCK_NaME on August 30, 2017
RC could be SO much bigger than what it is now. But the business models of the past cannot see this vision unfortunately.
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Ran D. St. Clair on September 1, 2017
Please forgive the length of this post...

I did some research on Triple Tree, the location of Joe Nall. OK, all I did was look up their web site. They have a page related to their future vision which I have copied below. There is a lot about what they are doing and what you propose to do but there are some differences as well.

1. Triple Tree (TT) is located in South Carolina where I believe they have better year around weather.
2. TT is set up as a 501(c) 3 charity and the land was gifted by Pat Hartness. I assume that means they have no mortgage and pay no taxes. Presumably all "profits" can go into upkeep and improvements.
3. Being a charity they can attract and justify full time volunteers of which they have many. Flite Fests also rely heavily on volunteers, but that is a long weekend commitment, not a full time thing. It is also unclear to me to what extent Flite Fests are "for profit". (I have no problem with Flite Fests making a profit, if they even do, and I hope they do because that way they are more likely to continue.)

If the intent is to create a profitable business that is also a destination resort (like Disneyland for example), then the challenge would seem to be greater than for Triple Tree.

The Triple Tree future vision is reprinted below for reference:

The mission of Triple Tree has been clearly stated; it is “To Ignite and Expand the Passion for Aviation”. The wording of this mission statement was intentionally developed as a metaphor that relates to an internal combustion (IC) engine. IC engines take energy and ignition and usefully expands the energy in such a way that it drives something forward. It’s powerful; it moves us and our useful machines to another place. The engine and its fuel, thru ignition and expansion can make unbelievable things happen. Past, present and future generations have and will enjoy the tremendous advantage that these machines provide.

So, how does all of this relate to Triple Tree, its mission and our collective dream? First, Mr. Pat, our friends and guests and a whole bunch of volunteers have provided unbelievable energy. The vision and the original execution of the Triple Tree was undeniably provided by the generosity of Pat Hartness. Mr. Pat has given all of us the gift of Triple Tree by donating it to our 501(c)3. The volunteers have given hundreds of thousands of hours maintaining the facility and meeting every need of our guests. YOU (the loyal supporters of Triple Tree) have provided the “Ignition” by supporting events such as the world renowned Joe Nall R/C event (the world’s largest) and the tremendous Triple Tree Fly-In where last year, over 800 full scale aircraft attended. The proceeds derived from these events are now providing Triple Tree with the operational funds required to maintain our world-class grounds and equipment on an on-going basis. What exactly does that mean and where do we stand today? Presently, we can look forward to our “engine” continuing to run excellently, albeit at idle, but not accelerating and not moving forward. Today, we, as Triple Tree Aviators, are brilliantly executing the first half of our mission; we have successfully “Ignited the Passion for Aviation” as proven by our ever increasing numbers of guests attending our events but we haven’t completed the cycle. We’re not converting the present energy into a stronger, forward direction. To truly capitalize on the Triple Tree energy, we must “Expand the Passion for Aviation”. To do this, we must grow our aviation education efforts. Without future generations of passionate aviators, Triple Tree will be a running, idling “engine”; one that is moving neither forward nor back. It will eventually run out of gas! To stimulate this expansion, Triple Tree is forming strong alliances with local schools. We are hosting large groups (150 recently) of school children to introduce them to aviation. Universally, they are excited and interested. We are learning that kids (of all ages) have not lost excitement for aviation, they have lacked exposure. We want to provide that exposure and a clear path of progression for deserving individuals to explore aviation thru modeling, sailplanes and full scale aircraft. Aviation history is important also and is included in our presentation to the school children. The purpose of Mr. Pat’s 501(c)3 donation is clearly stated as “educational”. THIS, is the area where we have an opportunity to go to the next step and “Expand the Passion for Aviation”.

In order to succeed, this “Expansion” needs, in our view, a dedicated place for Triple Tree volunteers to educate the future Triple Tree Aviators on aviation history, model construction, full-scale construction, aerodynamics, career possibilities, etc.. The Triple Tree dream is to construct a dedicated learning center; one with suitable A/V equipment, good seating, proper lighting and HVAC. It will be multi-functional as a shop and classroom year-round. It will have a model aircraft construction area, model displays (models already committed), a full-scale restoration area (historic aircraft already committed) and a classroom all under the same roof. This “Expansion” and the future Triple Tree Aviators that it produces, will accelerate the Triple Tree “engine” and propel us and future generations forward. We estimate that such a facility will cost $320,000. As usual, we plan to squeeze a dollar and twenty cents out of every dollar in building this facility. This is where we need your help. Triple Tree is collectively ours and so is its future. Through unbelievable generosity and work, OUR “aviator’s field of dreams” is a reality. Through the hard work of many, it can support itself and provide enjoyment and pleasure to the current generation as our sole mission or we can COLLECTIVELY MOVE THE PASSION FOR AVIATION FORWARD and educate the next generation on the wonders of aviation. It’s our choice.

In the past, Triple Tree has asked for your donations to help run the facility. The fees you’ve paid to attend our events have provided the base funds and your donations have provided the extra needed to run our equipment, fertilize, water, etc.. The staff and volunteers cannot thank you enough for your historical generosity. Now, we ask that you help us “Expand” Triple Tree into the future. The next generation of aviators needs for the current generation to “step up” and build the Triple Tree education center. If you agree that this educational effort is important, please go to Support the Vision and make a donation. We simply cannot complete the Triple Tree mission without the help of the thousands of Triple Tree current supporters.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.

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We're Buying a Golf Course!! | FTP 171