Early Days of Flite Test | FTP 150

by FliteTest | March 16, 2017 | (3 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts

Jen Bixler, yes, Josh Bixler's wife, joined Stefan and Josh to chat about some of Flite Test's beginnings and her role with the team on today's podcast. 

Not only has Jen been Josh's biggest supporter from the very beginning, but she also leads the way with the Customer Service team and brings a very organized, wise perspective to Flite Test's community. Fun fact, she also flies RC planes from time to time! 

To hear more about Flite Test's history and about Jen and the women behind some of the Flite Test guys, listen to the podcast!

Do you remember when Flite Test first began? Share some of your fondest memories of Flite Test in the comments below!


MDHeld on March 17, 2017
Great podcast, it's so awesome to hear how you guys started and have stuck by each other thru the lean early days. How awesome for you to support each other with your passions. You are an inspiration.
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Desert Wings on March 17, 2017
Great Podcast. Listened while I fixed the trailer lighting on my van - getting ready for the pilgrimage to Flite-Fest West.
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Desert Wings on March 17, 2017
Favorite plane is Spitfire. Favorite episode is hard...I have enjoyed so many. I do like the exploding plane episode, and any build episode with Josh (think Bob Ross of RC scratchbuilding).
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