Redbull Flugtag, New Episodes + FT STEM | FTP 145

by FliteTest | February 23, 2017 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Upcoming FT Content

We went to Malvern to shoot 4-5 episodes including the Opterra, Excalibur and Cessna 170! Stay tuned for articles and videos about these beauties soon!

Redbull Flugtag 2017 - Pittsburgh!

Since we won the Redbull Flugtag 2016, we were invited to the announcement party where they shared that this year, the Redbull Flugtag 2017 will take place in Pittsburgh, Penn. on August 5, AND it will be held in conjunction with the Three Rivers Regatta 40th anniversary!

Community Showcase

Tiny Trainer Mods

The STEM Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 745 in Eastover, NC, reduced the scale of the Tiny Trainer. They built these with only one sheet of foam and tape. To read more visit the Flite Test forum here. Sheppo’s mod assisted these scouts in creating these tiny gliders. We love how the Flite Test community works together! 

Stay tuned for next week’s FT Podcast as we meet Megan, the newest member of our team!



FoamyDM on February 27, 2017
That's my forum post! I wanted to say thank you for helping me show these boys that the hobby is accessible and to express how honored I am to have the great community experience highlighted here. I have been nothing but a strong advocate for STEM, scouting and the message FT puts forth into the world. From an avid flying noob, I thank you in helping me spread all three of these messages. Keep up the amazing work!
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polodu64 on March 5, 2017
Talking about unknown brands to feature on your episodes... Why not try the Uvify Draco ?! ;)
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Redbull Flugtag, New Episodes + FT STEM | FTP 145