FT Tiny Trainer

by FliteTest | March 17, 2015 | (53 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

The FT Tiny Trainer is a Mighty Mini that is specifically designed to cover all the basics when it comes to RC Flight. 

This plane can be built and converted into 4 different designs that will guide you through every level of getting started flying.

Educators, group leaders, and parents looking to make a memory with a loved one can build the Tiny Trainer as a free flight (hand tossed) glider or a powered RC airplane. 

Build video and plans AVAILABLE HERE!

Whether you are a beginner yourself, or if you are trying to bring a newcomer into this wonderful hobby, the Tiny Trainer will assist them in making every flight a great experience! 

We had a chance to meet up with the guys from GetFPV.com and Andy joined us for some fun flying in the windy Florida weather.

We had 2 airplanes setup as "trainers" and Eric was flying the 3-cell, 4 channel sport wing setup.

Changing the battery from a 2-cell to 3-cell will give you a completely different flying experience.

The whole goal of this airplane is to give you the options to step through all of the levels of flying.

These are part of our Mighty Minis Series and are powered with our Power Pack A (Minis) electronics setup.

The Power Pack A features EMaxx - MT1806 motors.

This setup shows the glider nose with the sport wing.

Here is the polyhedral wing with the swappable power pod setup.

This speed build kit will teach you how to build and setup the basic layouts of all of the Flite Test kits!


Swap out your glider nose for the powered nose and enter into the world of 3 channel flight.

A little clay in the nose for balance, and your ready to toss the plane back in forth with a friend! Remove the clay and add 2 servos and you have a great 2 channel glider to learn elevator and rudder control.

Chuck gliders are great fun for kids and group events. 

We were excited to see how much fun the kids had and to see how sturdy these airframes are!

Flying with the wireless buddy box setup on the Graupner MZ-24 12 Channel Transmitter allowed us to pass the transmitter while we visited Crafty Dan's flying field.

Everyone enjoyed flying the FT Trainer and it was fun to watch some new pilots give it a try.

Thanks again for all of your support and feedback. We can't wait to see what you do with your FT Tiny Trainer! Please share your experiences with articles, videos and comments!

Build video and plans AVAILABLE HERE!





Pranjalnewton on March 17, 2015
Can't wait for the build plans. Man this is just what I was looking for!
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Fastlearner on March 17, 2015
Can't wait for the build video. I plan to recycle my i86 gyro board, if it will fit, and make this a stabilized trainer.
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FlipCrash on March 17, 2015
Love this FT!!! Great work!!! Looking forward to the plans and build!!!
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bruceblackman on March 17, 2015
Great idea.... can't wait to see the build plans...
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Tyson Haslam on March 17, 2015
That is just perfect for flying in Japan because it is slow. Thanks so much!
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SP0NZ on March 17, 2015
This is an instant winner! Looks like a really well thought out, great flying plane.
I always do a big "craft" project for an annual camping trip we do with about 20 kids. I think we'll be building some Tiny Trainer chuck gliders this year!
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RCMAN_2015 on March 17, 2015
Awesome plane. Can't wait to build it with my kids
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RCMAN_2015 on March 17, 2015
Flight test do you think you could even tow this tiny trainer?
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Jghanson25 on March 17, 2015
Wow guys! Once again you leave me speechless. I Love the way you find the most fun and convenient ways to involve people in this amazing hobby. You guys are seriously gifted. As wimpy and softy as it may sound as a 22 year old dude from the sticks in Alaska, sometimes I come close to shedding a tear or two with how thoughtful, generous, and just awesome you guys are. Keep up the good work guys. I see the Love and Light of the Lord through you and that to me is something to cherish full heartedly. God bless! We can't wait to see you at FLITEFEST 2015!!!!
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storm77de on March 17, 2015
Great plane. Can't wait to have the build plan.
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deanhamer on March 17, 2015
FT - Thankyou so much, I am a teacher in rural australia, I have 50 students going through an "Aeronautical Engineering" STEM course this year. We are about to start "Powered Builds" in 4 weeks... I anticipate many of the students building these. Looking forward to the plans and build video!
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giorgiocap7 on March 17, 2015
Can't wait to have the free build plans and start building it....i hope that the mini folding wing is comming soon....great job guys
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awesomebilities on March 17, 2015
FT - This is what Kingdom looks like, I want to sincerely thank you for all you do. I agree with Jghanson25, I also see the Love and Light of the Lord in you. God Bless FT.
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Zeb Ludlow on March 17, 2015
I also agree with Jghanson25 and awesomebilities in seeing the love and light of the Lord trough you. Also I think it's great you got to fly with your wife Josh Bixler!
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johanjonker on March 17, 2015
OMW!!!!!! this is awesome..
I love this.. This is what I need to get my dad and my son in to this hobby again.. they flew and enjoyed the FT simple soarer, but this is the next step I was looking for.
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Epitaph on March 17, 2015
Great plane, I would love to be able to make one if I could get ahold of the materials here... One thing I do like, especially for belly landers like this are pusher configuration with the motor above the wings. What about a couple of popsicle sticks mounted through the wing vertically, then make a DTFB power pod above facing backwards?
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cholfeltz on March 17, 2015
I'm with you! we need a prop-friendly pusher that is easy like this! Super excited, I just built a simple soarer @ 75% - and this is basically that! I should have waited 2 weeks cause this is seriously what I was looking for!! I'm so excited! love flitetest!
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Nathan_116 on March 22, 2015
Check out the smash drone by CStence, its is a nice pushed that handles great and glides very well. I had my first ever successful flight on it, and am currently in the middle of "redesigning" it to make it more of a FT style build without the wooden boom being necessary. It all gonna be foam. I am also designing an ailerons wing for it so that you can learn 4 channel on it. I'm hoping it works well as I'm planning on learning 4 channel on it. Search it on the Forum, but disregard the uploaded wing I I have since made changes to it. I plan on posting the plans before Easter, and the first build done soon after. A build/review article though, most likely won't happen until summer when me and my friend can get together and record some footage (we are both beginners and this is unfamiliar territory for us).
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Ron B on March 17, 2015
normally i don't give a 5 star rating but I had to on this one as the design concept is so great and you were working with a bunch of kids who were having a blast.
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TimmyGT on March 17, 2015
Just watched this with my 4 year old son......building a couple as soon as you post plans!! I'm off Wednesday and Thursday so please put up plans early tomorrow so I can start building!! We can't wait!! My son is already silky smooth on the sticks on the simulator so it's time for him to wreck some foamies. ..starting him early!
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Miracle Air on March 17, 2015
YES! YES YES YES! GREAT job, guys.
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raydar on March 17, 2015
Just WOW! This may be your finest episode yet! You never cease to amaze!
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Yogenh on March 18, 2015
Can't wait for the plans. Will have to get the speed build for this one
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Hedonist on March 17, 2015
How about a pusher option to go with the glider nose?
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pity_the_fool on March 17, 2015
That's exactly what I was wondering. It would help minimize broken props, and open up the nose for fpv gear. I swear in past videos there was a pusher version of this plane in the background?
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Zero9r on March 17, 2015
I was thinking the same thing. FT really needs a simple beginner pusher. this would make the best platform for that.
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Wolfgang1402 on March 17, 2015
Hi guys, you do a great job, thank you from Germany :)
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siriussr on March 17, 2015
It kind of appears to be a UMX radian that flite test took and modified to be swappable and multi-use
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Dean Church on March 17, 2015
I can't wait for these plans! I'm going to end up with a FTCruiser, but wanted something to start on that wasn't quite so complicated and flew nice and slow.. I hHad just downloaded Storch when this came out.
This will be my first DT build and I'm really looking forward to it.
Thanks guys.
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mad_milchmann on March 17, 2015
Awesome work guys. I'll definetly build one of those. with all wings and at least two power pods - from slow to fast! :D
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PropSpinner on March 17, 2015
You've done it again guys. More people will get into the hobby thanks to FiteTest.
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Lupus on March 17, 2015
This looks Awesome! Can't wait for the plans and the build video to come out!
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DanielBoom on March 17, 2015
Great stuff guys cant wait for the build video. The best part for me is that this plane actual peeked my older brothers interest, none of your other planes got his attention but wouldn't you know it show him a clip of kids throwing them in a gym and he is hooked. He and I both would love to see this thing toed up in the air and control glided down. Make a game out of it or something see who can keep it up the longest or add a landing target for more difficulty.Keep up the good work Flitetest
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TriTriAgain on March 18, 2015
Nice work! I can't really say much else. The envelope on this little guy is HUGE! From a little chuck for keeping the kids engaged to the four channel for the more advanced... good, good, good.
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Wretch on March 18, 2015
I have a short holiday for next week, hope the plans get release before...
Many thanks for this and all the other free plans.
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rynomum on March 18, 2015
This is awesome! I've been trying to downscale some of the other FT planes and it just does not work well. It's also been really windy so I want to try some kind of soarer and this looks like it would be perfect!!
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Wilbur1903 on March 18, 2015
Guys! Thank you for your efforts!
I work with kids building your planes. I love the new mini trainer!
When are you or are you going to have plans online and a build video for the Trainer? I am working with a school in Toledo . The kids use their iPads with head sets to watch your build video of the scout and I also have plans as a STEM activity in Findlay to build the Scout with Scouts and home school kids. I am thinking this trainer might be better.
Best and Blue Skies

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The Groundhog on March 18, 2015
Who did the paint jobs on these birds? They look sweet! Congrats guys, this looks to be a fantastic concept and an even better design! Keep up the great work!

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tlil9 on March 18, 2015
Wow! This plane looks really fun to fly and fun to build. I am starting an FT Club at my school, and I can't wait for my friends and I to build and fly these together. Once again Flite Test Crew, you have designed another great product! Thanks!
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RickPeck on March 18, 2015
I ordered the speed build kit. Is there a build video yet?
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tjace on March 17, 2015
when are the free build plans coming out P:S love u guys keep up the good work

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grether2000 on March 18, 2015
My guess is look for a build video and plans Wed.
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duke.johnson on March 18, 2015
Can't wait for the plans, bought more foam yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys Rock!
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kingdog on March 18, 2015
Good plan for kid。
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gsgraber92 on March 18, 2015
I absolutely love this! My son and I have been building FT planes for over a year and we have had some success and failures learning to fly. This truly the cost effective way to learn and go. My daughter who is eight is excited to build her first plane and begin flying. I think this will be a great way for her to start. I started my son on the Fogey and we both still love it to this day. This new trainer just makes sense with its interchangability and upgradeability. We are super excited to get building. Thumbs up to a great new plane and as always super inspiring staff at FliteTest. Definitely Family Fun Rated A+
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envy on March 19, 2015
Frist word I though of when I saw this "BRILLIANT" ! I have build an FT Nutball and I was looking for another trainer to move up to that was more planeish and this looks like a winner! Great job FT !!
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Del-Dredd on March 19, 2015
When is plan and build video coming, thought was supposed to be yesterday.
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TimmyGT on March 19, 2015
Still no plans?....I'm sad :(
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GluedFingers on March 19, 2015
I plan on buying a kit or two to support the FT team. However I would like to know if FT, is going to offer these as chuck models kits, only?
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Del-Dredd on March 19, 2015
Put clay in nose and no radio gear, leave Rudder and elevator uncut and locked in place.
Chuck Glider ready to fly.
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GluedFingers on March 25, 2015
Thanks for the info, the reason I'm asking is I belong to the Illinois Nation Indian Guides. I'm always trying to do engineering build projects, with the families. I really like the chuck glider event they showed in the gym. I doubt anyone but me will turn these into remote control gliders or planes. I was looking to see if FT sold just the chuck build, that way families had a choice of what to buy. Thanks Del Dredd for responding.
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GluedFingers on April 8, 2015
Bought two for Easter for my boys. Thanks for getting them to me in time.
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RC-LVR on March 19, 2015
Can this fly with a blue wonder?
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fatalerrorstu on March 19, 2015
Another great plane guys, well done you guys are amazing. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for what you have done for the RC flight hobby :-)
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Golf on March 23, 2015
can you put a tow release on this?

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Trask Bailey on March 26, 2015
sweet airplane and sweet glider thanks

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iflighthub on May 4, 2015
is it ok guys to use this parts on this plane
Motor - CF2812 1534kv
Prop - 7x3.8SF & APC 6x4
ESC - 30A & 20A
Lipo - 850mah 3S

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ferdinand joshua on September 1, 2015
Will i get propsaver for Emax motor used for this model ?
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kiwilightweight on January 31, 2016
My son and I have built one of these to help get him started (he's 7) here in New Zealand... Thanks very much for making the plans available online. We took it out for a first flight yesterday... I note the design for the powered version doesn't include any downthrust... On the maiden flight, I found that a) the CG had to be moved forwards quite a bit, and b) I added significant downthrust (5-10 degrees or perhaps more), and even so (probably due to the prop wash over the undercambered wing) the plane climbs at a very high angle under anything more than 1/3 throttle... I have to feed in a lot of down elevator to keep it flying more or less level under power... anyone else noticed this?
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kiwilightweight on January 31, 2016
For the record, we're using a 6x3 prop with a Kingkong 2204 2300kV ( http://www.banggood.com/KINGKONG-2204-2300KV-Brushless-Motor-for-RC-Multicopter-p-1015384.html) with a 1000mAh 2 cell lipo and 12A speed control, with 2 (or 4 - we built the aileron and tip-dihedral wings) 5gm Tower servos.
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SteveRobey on July 18, 2017
I recently purchased this kit and will be starting assembly this weekend. I also have the battery pack and charger ordered and on the way. Hopefully I can get the power pack next time they are available and BEFORE they all get sold out again. I got an email Monday morning that there was a limited stock available and by the time I got to the store they were all gone. I sure wish there was a pre-order or back-order option available because I only need one pack right now.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has modified the trainer wing to have ailerons and if so how well did that work out? I've only gotten my first flying lesson on a trainer with a four channel setup and the plane was flown primarily with ailerons and elevator. In fact, I didn't touch the rudder even once and I was able to fly with a great degree of ease. Can the trainer wing be modified to have functional ailerons or does this change the flight characteristics and weight distribution of the plane too much?

Anybody that has experience with this plane and modifications, or any of the flite test guys (If they read these comments) please reply with any advise or personal experience with modifying this plane.

I also had a thought that perhaps front landing gear could be added so I don't have to belly land, is that possible? I'm still really iffy on the takeoff and landing part of flying because I'm new.

Thanks everybody.
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