Aerial GP Austria: David Windestal, Chad, Trappy!

by RCSchim | June 23, 2015 | (11) Posted in Challenges


This weekend I drove to the first "Aerial GP" Event in Austria / Spitzerberg (east of vienna). I knew that MetallDanny and Trappy would be coming but unfortunately on Saturday Danny was already gone.

TBS were great to chat with and we were all really surprised that David Windestal and Chad Kapper from Flitetest did also show up there.

It was so cool to hang out with those guys the whole day. David is such a funny guy! And all the pilots and FPV fanatics there were so kind! I got a chance to meet Anthony from ImmersionRC and Sebastian from Globe Flight there as well. Finally I saw the guy from the DJI instruction videos (sorry dont know his name) and 2 of the AerialGP founders (Andreas Neubauer - big thanks for the whole event) and Ryo Rex who was so kind to give me a short interview ;-)

The race with the minis was a bit difficult because we were so many pilots and the preparations took some time and rain and stormy weather interrupted us.

But it was such a great day full of FPV anyways!
I now read some more backgrounds as to why Danny left and why Rolf Venz (the organizer of Bexbach event) was pissed. Seems like DJI dominated the event and the DJI Games there stole the AGP the show. As I'm not too serious about racing (or even winning) I didn't care so much - but you could notice that the race didnt go so well. Poor guys that planned so much and had so much work here!
Dont take it too serious - I'm sure all pilots there had fun anyways!

Super 330 class: Winner was Kent "imonfire6666" Dideriksson (full scores down below)
   Mini 250 class: Julian Reifinger


David Windestal:

Another great video from Bexbach about (a better organized) Mini Racing:

►►find infos on all my copters here in my Hangar:

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MT Alex on June 26, 2015
As far as I know, this maybe the first published pictures of David's new mini tricopter design. Awesome stuff!
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mad_milchmann on June 29, 2015
yeah. really looking forward to more info on this. I'd love to see a race-Tri that has the high quality and price-value-ratio of davids builds. up to noe i just found not-so-overwhelming 3Dprin versions or erally expensive frames.

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mad_milchmann on June 25, 2015
Great Video. It's like watching the Oscar of FPV. All the Big Names are there!
Now I'm really angry with myself that I didn't go there, I thought about it, but then decided not to go since i would just have watched since I still lack the skills to participate in the race.
It would have been about 500km from Munich but it would have been worth it to watch the race and maybe meet some of those inspiring people.

Also It's great to hear some Austrian dialect on some occasions in the Video, since my Mom is from the Waldviertel (part of austria quite close to vienna), it always has a bit of a homely feeling to me. :)

please keep on shooting videos like that Shim! Really awesome!
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mad_milchmann on June 25, 2015
sorry: all the big names, except Charpu.
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RCSchim on June 25, 2015
Hi, (I keep it english for others here)
I know what you mean. I missed the Wels RC fair (where also some of this racers showed up). But there will be more alike events soon I guess. OK the density of FPV allstars here was cool, Charpu was actually thinking about coming I read - but had no time due to work... I also missed Danny because I didnt have the time to go there by friday...

From Munich to Bexbach maybe? Rolf does another event there in August. Would be too much for mee (900km)...

I will try to shoot videos like this - but meeting stars like this so close will not happen every day ;-)
Tomorro however I will do some filming on my local field. No stars here - but a lot of friends - one of them will try to maiden a Venom Jet with real turbine and he makes an "Eierspeis" after the flight ;-) Grias Di noch Münchn, RCSchim
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mad_milchmann on June 26, 2015
I hope I'll have time to attend at least one event this year, but I'm really busy at work and my girlfriend wants to go on holidays too... so I don't know if iths going to happen.

Bexbach would be one good opportunity, on the same weekend there's also the RC-Camp near Nürnberg. It has FPV-racing, Fixed-wing flying and even off-road car driving. since it's not as far as Bexbach. also there I would have the chance to fly myself and not only spectate... so a hard decision where to go...if I find time on that weekend at all. But I tend to the RC-Camp at the moment.
If you're interested in it, here's the link:

Venom with a real turbine sounds interesting... and "Eierspeis" of course sounds interesting, too :D... The Germans just don't put enough heart-blood in it. Here they don't honor the awesomeness of it enough to make it really good... but I'm going a bit astray here :D
I wanted to say that I look forward to your Video :)

Servus aus Minga,
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ModellflugBub on June 25, 2015
Wie geil !!!!! Wieso war ich nicht da.

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cenko on June 25, 2015
thx for this nice video! thumbs up!
BTW: What is the conflict between DJI and AGP? where can one read about the backgrounds you mention?
Keep on your good work! Weiter so!
P.S. couldn't vote on your youtube video but you should stick with english
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RCSchim on June 25, 2015
Thanks cenko, I only read about it later. Seems like they drove metaldanny mad. He brought good ideas and nice airgates, took 1100km ride down from holland, they told him he could design the course and when he arrived here DJI influenced a lot (they could because they sponsored the whole event...)
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cenko on June 25, 2015
thx rcschim. so soon there are going to be:
WFA world FPV association
WFC world fpv council
IFF international fpv federation
WFO world fpv organisation
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Steve Bowman on June 30, 2015
Great video. Looks like lots of funny. Good to see David and Trappy again.
Can't wait to save up some money and give it a try.

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filipspat on June 25, 2015
NICEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Graywolf on June 26, 2015
Great to see David again.
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Aerial GP Austria: David Windestal, Chad, Trappy!