Balsa Baron! Check Out This Amazing Scratch Build

by FliteTest | March 13, 2019 | (7) Posted in Projects

This week on the Flite Test Community Spotlight, we're showcasing Jackson Tenhave's balsa Bloody Baron build.

Quite a tongue twister, this balsa Bloody Baron is a new take on one of our popular FT foam board airplanes, originally a community designed model created by our good friend Dan Sponholz. We love highlighting talent on the Forums and this 'backpack' mod is one of these great projects that simply needed to be shared on the main site.

This plane can be fully broken down to fit into a backpack. This would be great for hikes and trips where you need your plane to be as compact and portable as possible. 

The wings are held on with elastic bands whilst they are pinned together with two popsicle stick spars. 

The Build

With ribs, formers, spars and fuselage sides cut out, Jackson's new project could get underway! 

Jackson says that the fuselage was the first part of the build that he decided tackle. 

"I built the fuselage today. Normally I just cut as I go, but this time I decided to cut all the pieces first to make the assembly quicker and even more fun!" 

There are a few changes to the scale of this Bloody Baron. The wing was increased to 24 inches and made in two pieces. This was done to make the aircraft fit into a backpack if needed. 

"I don't really have any need for a backpack-able plane, but I like to challenge myself in design. I also made a removable rudder to make it easier to transport."

Together, the wings look very well made! Popsicle sticks were used as wing spars/joiners for the two sections. 

After a good sanding, the airframe was covered with covering film. 

The airframe was finished by installing the electronics and hinging the control surfaces. The hinges were simply made from covering film. 

As with the original Bloody Baron, the Balsa Baron has throttle, elevator and aileron control. However, it also includes a rudder. Two 5g servos located at the middle of the fuselage are used to move these surfaces. 

The Finished Airplane

I think you'll agree that this model looks fantastic. Those covered wings with the light shining through should be a great sight in the air. 

Test Flight

If you want to see if the statement 'balsa flies better' has any truth to it, check this flight video out. We think it looks pretty darn great! Nice one Jackson!

FT Bloody Baron

Get your own FT Bloody Baron from the Flite Test Store today! 

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paracodespoder on March 15, 2019
Great article James and congrats to Jackson on the spotlight! One thing I want to correct is, it’s not a normal ft bloody baron, this started its life as Sponz’s baby baron.
Great article though besides that 👍.
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rblubaugh on March 16, 2019
Congratulations! Back to basics, the way we built models BEFORE foam.

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Balsa Baron! Check Out This Amazing Scratch Build