Gremlin VS Turbo Gremlin - Comparison

by FliteTest | March 13, 2019 | (6) Posted in Reviews

Which Gremlin micro quad is for you?

When it comes to getting yourself a sweet flying, easy to assemble, super fun FPV micro quad to blast about indoors and out, we have got you covered. We have all sorts of customizable Gremlin components to build a standard Gremlin Micro Quad or our pro-level Turbo Gremlin. Here's an article to help you decide which Gremlin to get. 

Standard Gremlin 

Your standard Gremlin, when assembled using Power Pack G, comes with full speed RC stack. This runs on 2 cell power but, when using the included 2.3” propellers, you'll have plenty of power for both indoor and outdoor flying. 

The Gremlin is designed to run the FX805 all in one camera. This 25mw setup is perfectly adequate for the shorter ranges you'll be flying with the Gremlin. To give you a clearer idea, you can expect to penetrate through walls and fly the length of a football pitch without too much breakup. 

Is this the standard Gremlin for you?

These little guys are more designed for fun! If you're wanting a solid micro quad with the potential to thrill you indoors and outdoors, grab one of these. If you're wanting something with a little more of the beans, you may want to read up on theTurbo edition

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Turbo Gremlin

Meet the Turbo Gremlin. It's the bigger bro of the standard original Gremlin packed with more power and, quite simply, more excitement. 

Under the hood of the Turbo is a bigger 20x20 mounting Stack. This is supplied when you order a Turbo Power Pack. 

The HGLRC XJB F428 stack can handle more power too, meaning it can run 2s-4s. This supplies the bigger 1106-6000kv Gremlin motors with far more power that enables it to fly way, way faster. 

You can also fit up to 3” propellers, although powerpack G comes with 2.5” propellers to get you started. If you want an easy way to upgrade, though, switching up your props is a great shout. 

The Turbo Powerpack has a better video transmitter than the standard Gremlin. It's has a switchable 25mw-350mw micro transmitter which means you can fly further with more confidence.

Is the Turbo Gremlin for you?

Can keep up with bigger drones in speed designed for outdoors. Turbo Powerpack comes with bigger motors Gremlin 1106-6000kv. Higher performance all around. 

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Get flying and have a blast with either one of this fantastic micro quads!

Standard Gremlin

Turbo Gremlin

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Land Shark on March 13, 2019
Where could I get one of these pre-built?
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bigfoot13 on March 14, 2019
I have both and like the Turbo much better than the regular one. My standard gremlin came with the F3 Femto which has no OSD.
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bird2jump on March 15, 2019
Turbo Gremlin has been discontinued by Flitetest store. No longer available so why write a full report on this product. Regular edition Gremlin is still being sold so that’s the only option.
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Gremlin VS Turbo Gremlin - Comparison