Bebop commented FPV flights from my Car, Demo Reel

by RCSchim | February 20, 2015 | (6) Posted in Just Fun

For my review (last video) I did some "Field testing" while sitting in the car (cold and breezy weather). Of course this reduces the max range you get but it keeps you warm ;-)
So the first 10mins here are live commented FPV flights from inside the car featuring Lamas (or Alpakas?).
Later you see some sunny footage - where the onboard cam really shows some good results (not so good in bad light conditions)...

My flighttimes now settled to 7-10mins with the original batteries (1200mah 3cell).
Max flown distance with skycontroller so far 350m (but I didn't wanna risk too much here).
Most sunny footage was recorded with firmware 1.98.8 installed (the first shots are with 1.33).

Bebop infos in my Hangar


udo789 on February 21, 2015
Very nice review. Always a pleasure to watch your videos.
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Bebop commented FPV flights from my Car, Demo Reel